We have played at holiday craft fairs, in church basements, at the VFW Hall, at antiques shows, at the flea market (Hollis) -- and I am glad we have, even proud to say that we have. You can't parse too much w/ "family entertainment." All music ideally should be entertaining to all the families and friends, yes siree bob. I joke around, and say that puppet shows and pie-eating contests are our special-ity. Why not?
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Sound It Out presents Heaven by Badfellows

how to buy a MicYou’ve found your band and you’ve learned a few tunes. You’ve also played in your bedroom for hours on hours. You are ready to try recording some tunes. But, you need to buy your first mic. What microphone should you buy as your first mic? We are going to give you four suggestions that you should buy. Each mic recommended will be under 100 bucks(cheap in mic standards) but these mics will also never be outgrown as you progress musically.

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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

This show features music from

Crunchy Western Boys
Carissa Johnson
Pleasure Gap
Brooks Young Band

We have been doing Yourband.info for 7 years now. We have hit a major milestone; 1000 stories. That is right, 1000 stories that we have written, posted and shared. 1000 stories about local bands, local venues, music education geared towards local musician, one local music compilation album, and interviews with successful local musicians. If you can’t tell, our focus is local music. That is one new story every 3 days for 7 years.

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There are times in a music reviewer’s life when they have to make a decision. Are they going to make a bold statement at the risk of alienating a large audience of readers, or, play it safe? Well, I never play it safe. I run with scissors, I eat dessert when I didn’t clean my plate, I swim with total disregard to that hour rule, I do not follow the garment washing instructions on clothing tags, and tell you when an album is perfect.

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Our contest for free recording time has ended. The winner is…

Holly Furlone.

Holly is a member of the Midweeklings but will use this time to record some of her solo work. We are excited to have Holly coming to our studio.

Read a recent interview with Holly Furlone here:

Somerville Symphony Orkestar

1.Store your guitar picks under the couch. They will all end up there eventually anyways.

2. Sell your soul to Satan. Be Like Robert Johnson and the rest and just simply sell your soul to the devil at the crossroads. The way to summon the devil is to practice 2 to 10 hours a day for about a decade.

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