Jamantics-lucas gallo has nice chest hairsThe JamAntics are having a reunion show at the Capitol Center For The Arts on October 24th 2015. We decided it was time to do our fantastic 5 questions with Lucas Gallo of the JamAntics. I mean, he has been to my house, I’ve had beers with him, I have seen him in swim trunks… So.. He should be willing to do an interview with me. So I met with Lucas at the agreed time. Sitting next to him, a Mr. Eric Reingold. Every question i aked, the two went silent, Eric whispered into Lucas’s ear and THEN lucas would respond. So…. Here are 5 questions, as answered by Lucas Gallo and no one else especially not his actual brother Eric Reingold whom he doesn't speak with since "that one time."

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Turn off- If you are on stage, please turn off/mute the sound feed going to the audience. The audience does not want to hear you tune.

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Durg is a singer-songwriter from Vermont. His debut album was recorded in a studio right around the corner from where I live and features a lot of local power. Pat, George and Brenden. Around these parts I don’t even have to tell you their last names. Right? do I? No I don’t So I was excited to hear Durg’s debut album “One Chance.”

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Live Music Calendar

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1. Take a look at this chart, it represents the circle of 5ths (open in new window). The outside letters represent the major keys and the inside letters represent their relative minors. If you don't understand what that means, thats okay for now, keep reading.

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David Corson- Review

David Corson from Exeter, NH recently released an album ‘Tabula Rasa’ and you can download it for free. Yes free. So, why not check it out. Seriously. Just do it. Support local music. I did and wrote a review about it. I am awesome.

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Anna Madsen -Review

Anna Madsen has been locked up up at Rocking Horse Studio for the past few months working on her EP ‘Epitaph’. The album is coming out October 8th but the single from the album, ‘Palm Reader’ came out today. If the album is only half as good as the single, we are in for a treat. Lush landscapes of sound, violins and a haunting vocal track. We look forward to hearing the full album.

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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

Holly Furlone is an amazing musician who plays in the band the Midweeklings. We wanted to interview her so we sat outside her house for a few days. We studied her. It was not needed for us to do this, we just like stalking people. We made notes about her every move. In case you were wondering, she does wash her hands after. Good for you. After a few days we wrote some questions down on a piece of paper in crayon and slid it under her door. Below are the responses we got.

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Angry Octopus- Review

I have had a few close personal friends tell me I had to check out this band, Angry Octopus. I really don’t want to though. I like happy squid and I feel that perpetuating a society of angry octopi simply does a disservice to all the cephalopod mollusks. In fact I have totally refused to listen to this band until now. Happy octopuses be damned. This is the review now printed in ink.

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