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tube amp orange tiny terrorSo you have a guitar and you have an amp. You have been playing a few years with your solid state crate 1X 12 and you think it might be time to upgrade to a tube amp. But tube amps are scary arn't they? Really complex and hard to work with? Nope!!!!

Air Traffic ControllerIf you are from Boston you will constantly hear complaints about the failing music scene found or 'not found' around town. (I'm looking at you Rob Potylo of Quiet Desperation ). People saying; it was better when the Rat was still open; it was better when the Abbey was still open; it was better when the Middle East didn't suck. Maybe Boston is slipping?

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Radagun - Music Review

radagun music band floridaI was playing Wii sports today. I love Wii sports, but you know.... it gives you that stupid sore elbow when you are done swinging your arms around like an idiot. It use to be that you got "Nintendo thumb," now you get "Wii sports elbow." What is my point? Well, my point is, that it is embarrassing. Try explaining to your boss why can't really do your job today.... or explain to you girlfriend why you just can't go out to the club tonight... It is not cool to say "Hey I have Wii sports elbow so I won't be able to make sweet love to you." It is not cool to admit you love a video game system. It is not cool for a hipster to admit you love the band Radagun (but I do, I love you Radagun).

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things all bands shoudl knowWell, when we first started out, we sat down and drew up a whole list of stage antics that we were confident could impress the ladies and media alike. Scoff all you want, but this list single-handedly put us where we are now. I’ll pause a moment to let that sink in. Just follow this list and you too should be on your way to fame.

things your band should know

Almanac is a new album released by the solo artist Courtney Naliboff.Courtney Naliboff music maine
You may recognize her name from the now defunct Boston based band Valhalla Kittens. She has since moved on and up to Maine, and this album is collection of tunes inspired by her new life in Maine.

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How Scuffed Should a Stratocaster Be?

guitar strat black and white

I got my first Stratocaster when I was nine years old. It was a "Hank Marvin Copy". It came with a 10 Watt amp and a book that told you how to play all of Status Quo's greatest hits. It had a big smily picture of Hank Marvin stuck on its shiny black paintwork. It was far from cool and it sounded (through that 10 Watt amp) like a small rodent having a protracted attack of the farts. I tried to decipher the strange diagrams in my Quo book to play "In the Army Now". It took about 10 minutes for me to decide that playing guitar wasn't for me.

How Scuffed Should a Stratocaster Be?

Get More Fans

How to get more people at your shows

Have you been playing gigs and not getting tons of fans to your shows? Have you been searching the internet for an answer and only finding things that don’t work? Yes, get a myspace page, get a facebook page, send out e-mails, spam craigslist, tweet, pretend to be cool, and kiss Bill Gates. That doesn't really work. Here is some other stuff that no one ever tells you about (that won't work either.)

WARNING These methods below should not be used under any circumstances unless you want your band to have even less people show up to your gigs.

The bathtub sophist Do you like dairy; specifically milk? Some people don't... Some people even are lactose intolerant and get violently ill if they run into a jug of milk in a back alley. I love milk. I once drank an entire gallon of milk in under 5 minutes(or closer to 5 days, but still that is pretty fast) Main Crop: Vol 1 by the Bathtub Sophist is like milk. Some people will love the Bathtub Sophist; others will get sick from the sound; and even others will want to cover him in chocolate sauce.
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SOAK - review

Band: SOAK
Album: Turning Tomorrow

I am not a hippie. I shower. Most times I shower everyday. I don't dance in circles, I don't get high. I have even been known to brush my teeth. The question you must ask yourself is, are you a dirty hippie? The answer to this question will indicate if you will LOVE soak or like Soak. I am not a dirty hippie. I like Soak.

the rest of this review is in the voice of a dirty hippie.

I LOVE this band. The tone of the guitar reminds me of my favorite jam band.... but they don't seem to jam to long. I hear lots of 7th chords, awesome, cause it makes it sound like Jazz, and I am supose to like jazz.

Do the lyrics make sense? Hell no! I am high and I don't want them to make sense, it means that they are referring to a deeper plain of life then you could ever understand... either that or they are signing about nothing... who knows... who cares... I like it... HEY.. puff puff give man!!!!!

If you are not a hipppie, you will still enjoy this band, a lot, but you will not lift your butt off the bar stool to go dance.

The Shady Janes - Silence and the Sway
The Shady Janes band music

As soon as the first song started playing I was very upset with this band. The Shady Janes? I hear male vocals. There are no females? No Jane's? Shady, Yes, shady indeed. I think what I shall do is hunt these guys down and get payback for their trickery. I won't do it right away, heck no. I want to hear the rest of their tunes first because maybe they will make up for their deceit.

Wait, wait one second; these guys rock. Vocals that hit you like a brick wall but then says sorry. Guitars that duel for dominance and then shout "I am not left handed" and bring on even more surprises of immensity. Harmonies that are sparse but when used are used perfectly. Drums that pound your door down and then leave you 20 bucks on your dresser. There are hints of the Cure, Barenaked Ladies and a taste of funk. The Shady Janes also tease a little metal. Each song builds to a crescendo of sound then cuts down to pure emotion. Maybe I will forgive them for making me think Jane was in the band.

So to sum up; their music has the greatness and power to make each and every person in the world better at life. They only need to listen to one song.

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