BORDERLINE ELEVEN Borderline Eleven punk band NH

Borderline Eleven is a punk rock band from Hooksett/Boscawen/Webster, NH. They have recently released their album Read Between The Lines. There style is like a younger Blink 182. The songs are catchy and well structured. A nice tone on the guitar by Luke Mason with little "licks" here and there. The drummer, Andrew Mason, is not trying to reinvent a new drumming style, but he is doing exactly what is needed (sort of like what Ringo was for the Beatles) and that is perfect. The vocals delivered by Dan Charpentier have that blend of whinny and passion; a good mix for this punk lifestyle. Joe Campbell is brining in the low end and does a great job and could stand to be turned up in the mix.

I would bet 1000 bucks that Borderline Eleven would be very fun to see live. However, the recordings seem to have been recorded by someone who was slightly new in recording. The panning is done strangely, stuff seems to be hard panned left/right, or centered. The vocals could have been thicker. Despite the recording issues, this album is worth checking out. If Borderline Eleven have one, I would love to hear a live album.

Greg Loftus - Review

Web: Greg Loftus music

I am sucker for alt country. I think I am in love with Greg's music. I don't think you can get any better then songs about drinking, lost love and drinking. AH, the drinking.. and guns. No seriously... Drinking and Alt country makes me happy... or an alcoholic, either way, this music made by Greg Loftus makes me happy... and drink.

I don't want to say it... Cash. Johny Cash. I said it. I didn't want to. Not because I don't like Mr. Cash(I own about 10 of his records, three copies of live at Folsom) but because Alt country is not only a stupid name, but every alt country act is compared to Wilco and Cash... I didn't want to do it too... but I've been listening to Greg Loftus... and drinking... lots of Drinking... and I just had to make the comparison.

Hey Greg, go get me another round of your music.

If Greg Loftus wanted to make me the happiest person in the world, He would send me an autographed copy of his CD. And 12 bucks.... the 12 bucks has nothing to do with this review or his music, but I owe a buddy some money. Greg seems like a great guy, I bet he'll send me that CD... and money... don't forget the money.

Reasons Your Band Should Break Up- Top Ten
Your band should break up
Everyone who plays guitar, drums or bass have been in a band at one time or another. Most of these bands suck. Really suck. Maybe you are in a band and you want to know if you should break up. Here is a list of the top ten reasons your band should break up. If any of these apply to you; call it quits.
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Seth Adam

seth adam music
Seth Adam
Live Review
Harper's Ferry Alston Mass

Lots of people don't normally like simple pop songs. Lots of people don't normally like jam bands. Pop songs have no feeling, with rhyming words with no meaning, I have apples that need pealing ... Makes you want to touch the ceiling "What?" Jam bands don't sound good unless you're stoned, tired or on some type of something that you can get from your dentist. Seth Adam falls into both categories of pop and jam band. They are made up of a large group of musicians; two guitars, bass, keys, drums and Mandolin.
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Acrida - Review

Acrida band manchester NH

Acrida is a hard rock band from Manchester NH who recently released their album "Rebirth." They are fronted by a female vocalist who certainly has the pipes. The music borders onto heavy metal but never quite gets there. The tunes are very radio friendly and remind me of bands like Evanescence.

When I was kid I always wanted one of those rock tumbler things. My mom always said no. For some reason I really wanted to have some polished rocks. Acrida delivers VERY polished rock and I don't really need that tumbler anymore. Thanks Acrida for saving me some money and rocking.

You want to know how to kick someone out of your band? An e-mail like this is NOT the way to do it. we recently received this e-mail from one of our readers who was kicked out of his band.

We have contacted some of the area's top musicians, song writers, recording engineers, and promoters. We asked them to tell us three of their favorite local bands of 2010. This edition we hear from Michael Fournier, Scott Trottier, and Adam Savage.
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Who is the BEST local band!!!! This is part Three of our best local bands. If you have not read the first two parts, go do that now! Best local bands- part oneor Best local bands- part two.

Latermuse - review

latermuse music misplaced epThe band 'Latermuse' and their 'Misplaced' EP create funeral music for the living. Some parts are genius and uplift the spirit to live again. Other parts need to be buried six feet under the ground. Will the guitars bring you to heaven or send you to hell? Both.

If you are going to be a guitar player; knowing these are things are a MUST! If you have not read part one- go do that. Things Every Guitar Player Should Know- Part one

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