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I've been working on a review for a band called "Band Practice" for a couple weeks now. Each time I start, I toss it out. So, instead of reviewing this band, I will provide you with the e-mail they sent to request their review. I think it says more about their music then I ever could.

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Who is the BEST local band!!!! This is part TWO of our best local bands. If you have not read the first part, go do that now! Best local bands- part one We've gone out in the local music scene and asked a number of people to list for us their three favorite bands and tell us why.

Best local Band 2010

Who is the BEST local band!!!! Well, music is not a contest. Music is an art. HOWEVER, we do have people's favorite bands. We've gone out in the local music scene and asked a number of people to list for us their three favorite bands and tell us why. My suggestion to you is to check out these bands because they just might be great. But, ya know, they might suck too.

Best local bands of 2010
as selected by local rockers.

Captain Chet Lawson' s Snake Oil Revue

In the next few days we will be releasing our best local bands from 2010. Unlike other best of lists, this won't be a top list as selected by us. Nope... We have contacted some of the area's top musicians, song writers, recording engineers, and promoters. We asked them to tell us three of their favorite local bands of 2010. Among the rockers who shared their thoughts are Casey Desmond (Self), Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold) , Benny Grotto(Mad Oak Studios), Edrie(Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys ) and TONS MORE! We will be releasing their top choices along with WHY they picked those bands in just a few days!

Are you in a band, wondering if you were mentioned? Stay tuned!!! Are you an important music celebrity and you are wondering why you were not asked? hey, hit contact us and tell us your picks! Include a few words on each band. We just might use them! (or not)

Krysta Youngs

Unbunny - Review

CD Review
Black Strawberries

Have you ever listened to a CD and it was so bad that you found yourself bleeding from every possible hole on your body, yes I mean there too. It was just so bad you said to yourself “Hmm… why do I get the sudden feeling that stabbing this pencil in my eye would ease my pain?” No need to worry about that with the release “Black Strawberries” from Unbunny. This Album is magnificent. I also give it a non-blood loss guarantee.

You know that “guy” from high school? Everyone knew one. He showed up at all the parties with his guitar, sat during lunch playing tunes on the grass and always was playing in some sort of band? You always liked the sound of his songs but knew the radio would never play them. The radio wouldn’t play them not because they were bad songs but because radio is out of the loop. The radio would rather play the new soulless dribble from Brittany Spears. Only “guy”, you and your close friends could ever get his songs.

The songs that “guy” sang made sense to you. That “guy” had the same problems as you. That pretty much sums up the imagery of Unbunny. Unbunny is that “guy” a little older and his songs are more magical then they ever were during 4th period lunch. The guitar and voice dominate the landscape with sparse drums, trumpets and bass. His sound reminds me of that “guy”; Whimsically simple but great.

Unbunny’s songs seem effortless. The lyrics are simple but after a few spins of the record you find a deeper meaning.

“Referring to the wrinkled bus schedule you keep on your living room floor.
I noticed the last 43 left ten minutes ago.
As I made up my mind to make the long walk home.
Something reminds me of 1778”

Listening to this first line of the last song you can picture yourself in the same situation. Who has not been here? He touches on stories of your everyday life and makes you look at them as amazing. He could have said “I picked up the bus schedule off the floor.” Says the exact same thing. Still gives you an image of the action. Unbunny has a way of making it more real, like you are living the song

If you have no clue what “guy” I’m talking about, you missed out. Live the experience that most of us had by picking up and listening to “Black Strawberries.” Or if you want you can listen to the Hanson brothers Christmas Album, but if you do listen to Hanson, stock up on pencils and don’t blame me for the blood loss.

To see for yourself go to

Suburban Syndrome-
\[suh-bur-buh n sin-drohm, -druh m] ,
adjective; band; rock;
Containing or conferring full power; Full of rage and force ; as, "Sububan Syndrome rocked me off my chair." Possessing rock godness.

Groove metal band hailing from the province of Alberta, Canada. One who has mastered the art of rock.

Are you going to go dancing this weekend? Having a ton of people over for a party? Having relations with someone while heavily drunk? Cleaning the house? Disposing of a dead body? Alphabetizing your CD collection by the producers middle name? Awesome. The album "King of Broken Hearts" by artist Brandon Slavinski would be perfect for any of those activities.

At first listen you might breeze past the fact there is some pretty serious musicianship occurring in these tracks and only see it as "disco" or "techno" or "danceable." However, it is obvious that Slavinski is a talented player. the lyrics might be a little on the cheesey side but really... They fit perfectly with the happy upbeat nature of the music. If you like pop-well sung-dance tunes, check out this album. If you like stealing cookies from little children, well, you need professional help.

5.66 MB

How to Get New Band Members

Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil Revue

Do you have a band? Are you looking to add new members? Here is the perfect way to get the best new band member.

Write down your influences- This will be a list of bands to show how cool you are. Really, your band sounds nothing like them since your band basically sounds like a dead rat singing Lady Gaga in a box of suck. However, this list is used to trick potential bandmates into thinking that you MIGHT be playing some cool music.

Trash past members- Make sure you list in detail why you kicked out your past five bass players. Did they try to sleep with your girlfriend's younger sister's pet goat? Were they not into playing only your songs? Are you a control freak who likes to dress up as Tom Cruise and sing I'm a little tea pot? Whatever the case, make sure you get into details and make yourself look like a winner.

Post songs- Make sure you have a few songs that potential bandmates can listen to on the web. Be sure to communicate the fact that these songs are not the direction you want to go anymore and that you are now wanting to sing 1840's French lullaby's in the style of King Missile 3. Also, the more hideous sounding the better. Did you use just one fisher price mic plugged into a old cassette deck you found at a flea market? PERFECT! And remember, tempo and pitch are for suckers.

Be very specific- make sure you have a list of songs you want the new member to learn. Give an unreasonable time frame for them to learn these songs. A good idea is to come up with 34 songs and have at least 20 of them not feature the particular instrument you are trying to find. For example; Looking for a drummer? Tell them then need to learn all the parts to "It so hard to Say Goodbye" by Boys II Men. looking for a bassist? tell them they need to learn the extremely great bass lines played by the chick in Hanson. Looking for a singer? Direct them to learn Fur Elise.

Follow these simple steps and you too will be able to fill that open position in your band. GOOD LUCK!

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