Dummy Jar - review

Surf the web, fellow traveler. Hang ten on the information super-tsunami. Google yourself like all the other yahoos that roam these vistas. Check up-to-the minute financial News (By the way, have you noticed that the Dow can’t make up its mind lately? But, in the end, is the Dow really The Way Of Life it is touted to be? Have you read The Dow of Poo?), or just check the weather. But surf long and surf well, and before long, you will find yourself wiped out—like a tired man with the runs—on the gravely shores of the official Web Site for a Band called Dummy Jar. Navigate to the Site’s home page and discover three pieces of information; a pun, a name, and a hubris-inflated hot-air balloon of a declaration:

“Change. It’s the only thing that makes cents.”

Dummy Jar

We will rock your fuckin’ ass off (exclamation point)

The pun is corny; one might expect to find a similar statement printed on a second-hand shop coffee mug. The name could mean anything but is generally in line with the kind of self-referential stupidity that became trendy in the late seventies and experienced a second-wave in the mid nineties. The declaration—and yes, all of us here at yourband.info’s reviewer pit got a chuckle from the parenthetical, spelled out punctuation mark…after all, we are rarely permitted to see the light of day and our sensitivities to humor have been severely disabled by prolonged exposure to Bazooka Joe comics—sets a pretty high bar. One might be reminded by this proclamation of the J. Geils Band’s 1976 live masterpiece “Blow Your Face Out”, an album that does exactly what it says by a band that was, at the time, fully qualified to do so.

Could a band called Dummy Jar really rock my ass—not to mention my fuckin’ ass—off? How many times has my ass, fuckin’ or not, been effectively rocked off anyway? There was the time when I was five and my mom dragged me to a Grass Roots reunion show….or the time that I went to see Run DMC, expecting nothing and returning home fundamentally changed…the times when I was forced to sit down and listen to Primus, Ornette Coleman, Motorhead, Half Japanese, Mountain, Sun Ra, The Kingsmen, The MC5…. Does Dummy Jar have the same power to inspire such a profound and visceral reaction in an aging, neurotic, jaded rock n’ roll fan such as myself?


But what is it that Dummy Jar Does? To the music, I say (exclamation point) The company brass at yourband.info has once again fitted me out sumptuously, with links to the above mentioned official website, the band’s Facebook page, their downloadable latest “This is a Demo”, and an expense account that covers my research, disguise changes, safe-house deposits, and entertainment, with enough money left over for a pretty darn fancy cup of coffee. But this is an album review, so the rest of my Dummy Jar adventure can be saved until such time as the police report is made public….besides, my attorney has advised me to keep a tight lip.

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This song is about the renewal and redemption found on the open road. The road trip has always been my favorite cure when life gets too intense. You can try to run from your problems for a while but they always catch up to you. Sung, written and performed by Slow Burn founder Doug Wheaton in a basement session.

6.15 MB

I love dredging up old songs and then remaking them. This song is probably 4 centuries old. I always wonder if the original musicians who wrote and performed these songs knew that they would still be played many years later.

6.86 MB

Guy: Hey what's up?
Girl: Nothing
Guy: What to go rent some movies?
Girl: Sure, something black and white.
Guy: In French with German Subtitles.
Girl: About a girl who wants to smoke a lot of cigarettes.
Guy: But can't because she is just too sad to light up.
Girl: Exactly. So she just sits around the house in a gold dress.
Guy: But she gets up and dances with herself...
Girl: Running around the house, but, it is not really a house, it is a large apartment with a train right outside.
Guy: Her lipstick is redder than red and her teeth whiter than white and it is slightly smudged.
Girl: Wait a sec, how are you going to know what color anything is. It is black and white.
Guy: I don't know. You can just tell. lets just go listen to Life is very long by Village On Yarn instead

Girl: what?
Guy: The band. The music sounds exactly like this movie.
Girl: Oh, sounds like it should be good.
Guy: It is.

Mongrel - Interview

We had a chance to sit down with the Adam from the band Mongrel. We talked about the band, pay to play shows, music and members.

YB: What's the origin of the band name?

Adam: Mongrel started in 2003 when myself (Adam Savage) and our first singer Matt "Death" Rowe set out to start a new band that combined a variety of influences including rock, punk, metal, and anything else that inspired us. Matt proposed the name Mongrel, and it was perfect since it by definition means a mixed breed, and had that implied aggression we were going for in the association with the name. When Matt left the band in early 2004 he gave his blessings to keep going with the name and we have ever since.

Aurorealis - Review

Pros: Witty lyrics, good harmonies, nice layered melodies

Cons: It's boring, predictable. Has no hooks and weak lead vocals.

more info here: http://aurorealismusic.com

Hit play to hear Aurorealis

2:27 minutes (4.51 MB)

Lawrence Crow - Review

We are doing something a little different for this review of Lawrence Crow. We had two of our reviewers take a crack at this review. we have decided to print both. We will let you the reader and listener decide for yourself who was right. You will see the first review is significantly shorter than the 2nd.

First Review-
Crap on tape. The end.

2nd Review-
In 1975, Lou Reed put out an album called “Metal Machine Music”. The record was purchased by a respectable number of Reed enthusiasts who were expecting more of the same from a man who was something like a rock star at that time. Upon first listen, a large portion of the copies sold were promptly returned to the establishments from which they’d been purchased and went on to spend a long, long, long time in the used record bins set against the back walls of these very same stores. Circle of Life!


Spook Houses - review

I love these guys and want to have their babies.

The Dreadful Horoscope are an experimental folk band from Morgantown, West Virginia. Their self title album was released March 31, 2010. Each song has the acoustic guitar prominently placed in the mix along with eerie vocals. Along with these sounds are an array of other instrumentation creating a dense sound. Other songs only have vocals and guitar and seem more stripped down. Each song flows from one point to the next with no real direction or indication of where it is going. Some might see this as annoying, others will see this as a great asset.

These are not pop songs. If you are searching for a chorus of verse structure you might just want to kill small bunnies after listening to these tunes. I would love to hear these songs with a little less reverb and some drums.

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