I am so hung over. I should not have had three vodka drinks last night. Ok four. OK OK, five. Why do I subject my body to this. Great, this is not the best time to review music since almost anything will make me want to toss my cookies. I am not getting off this couch. Oh well, This band "Closer Still" from Syracuse, NY will just have to deal with my bad mood converted into the review of their new album "Happy Everyday."

Ok, first song is playing. Oh crap... This is good. Hmm great. Amazing. My headache is going away!!! Layered vocals and acoustic guitar are in the forefront. The male vocal is like Jack Johnson and the female sounds almost like Jewel with better teeth. The harmonies are tight and full with a pop-soul feel. The guitar picking counterpoints the vocal accents perfectly. Maybe this will be a good day. Thank you "Closer Still" your fantastic music has destroyed my evil mood and I am getting off this couch. I am going to be happy today!!!! Who wants to go on a picnic and frolic in the green grass under the trees? I'll bring my favorite new band "Closer Still" for us to listen to while we eat.

For more info: http://www.closer-still.com

Echoes From Jupiter are an instrumental band from Quebec City. They have just released their new LP, Europa. Each song showcases soloing guitars, vicious bass and drums. Along with these instruments there is with what can only be described as synth noise. Well, it could be described other ways, but I am not going to. The "Song Radio Wave" must have been put on this album only to annoy people. It HAS to be some sort of joke. I could imagine this song to be used to make someone tripping on acid think that they were dying. These brief moments of pure musical dribble are brief, thank god. The remainder of the album while not amazing, makes for great listening. I think this music just might be the stuff listened to by creatures on Europa.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select, Start. I'm gonna use my extra lives listening to D&D Sluggers newest EP, "Fun is the Funnest." All of their beats are created with a Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gameboy DMG. These beats are supplemented with great vocals, guitar and keyboards. If you are into having fun and think Nintendo 8 bit games are going to take over the world, listen to D&D Sluggers. This album will Knock You out. 007-373-5963. Jumping at the right time while listening to D&D Sluggers's will make you see fireworks. Whistle along and be taken to another world!

For More info: http://www.ddsluggers.com


Allow me to introduce you to The Fairweathers: A small-town band with big city appeal. From their pop hooks to their straight-up rockers to their acoustic-driven ballads, The Fairweathers do it all in a way that’s instantly likeable and fun to listen to.

3.83 MB

Ways To Fall - Review

Do you like acoustic guitar? Of course you do; who doesn't besides people who suck. Ways to Fall of Londonderry NH is counting on the fact that you love the bright sounds of the guitar with dueling vocals harmonies. The songs are stripped down. No drums, no bass, no piano, no dead fish, no sitar, no keytar, and definitely no jazzy beat box flute. Following in the footsteps set down by the early Guster recordings, Ways To Fall are making their own stamp on acoustic guitars. Whispered shouts coming over the rivers of guitars. Look for this duo to blow your mind and melt your mother loving face off.

Deterior - review

You know, metal, death metal, speed metal and music that is hard in nature gets a lot of grief from the mainstream media for corrupting our youth. People like Marilyn Mason get blamed for causing Columbine, and Judist Priest get blamed for another kids suicide. It is not their fault. These kids make their choices of destruction not based on the music they listen to. Call it predestined, upbringing, nurture/nature or whatever you want. BUT... Deterior, OMFG.... If they get blamed for a kid doing something terrible and horrific; it is well deserved. This music is so hard and black death that it will makes kids do anything (I think i even heard some backwards voices telling me to give myself to satan).

Ozzy once said, music doesn't have to be fast to rock and be hard. Or maybe it wasn't Ozzy, but who (&^ing cares. Ozzy was right and Deterior enroll to his school of rock. Their music is not death speed metal but it is HEAVY! If you don't like putting up the devils horns and slamming your head; pass this one by. If you know that sometimes you have too much metal for one hand; check these guys out.

Hosta- Review

Are you quirky? No? Well stop reading right here. No really. Stop reading because you will not get anything out of this music. The band Hosta from Fayetteville, AR will make un-quirky people want to go kill small farm animals with blunt knifes and shovels. So seriously, un-quirky people stop reading this review and forget the band Hosta even occupies this Earth.

Me though, I'm quirky; I bet you are too. I mean, you MUST be quirky since you are still reading. Lots of noises are trumped out with a vocal of unprecedented uniqueness leading the way in the front. It's not techno but you can dance to it. Dick Clark would give it a negative five in danceability but Dick Clark can suck it. Wait, was that just the sound of a buzz saw? I hope so, cause that is awesome. I'm gonna go eat a candy bar and dance naked while listening to Hosta in the dark, locked in my bedroom.


The Fairweathers- Is it punk, no.. Is it pop; god yes. It is. It is pop. no... is it pop? Maybe. yeah. Wait what? huh? I want to give you a hug. Come here, no really. All of The Fairweathers get your asses over here, come get a hug. This music makes me want to drive down the street with the music cranked and the top of the convertible down. If only I had a convertible as my "getaway car." The vocals are not crispy clean but that slightly heartfelt crunch of indie boys singing. Do yourself a favor, style your hair, grab your Chuck Taylors and meet me at the next Fairweathers show. With lines like "She's not the reason I wake up; She's the reason I take my first breath" These lads will have all the girls tossing their unmentionables towards the stage.

For more info on these guys go to: http://www.thefairweathersband.com

Nóra released their debut album, Er einhver að hlusta? (Is anyone listening?) and while l am listening, I am in a dream. Floating... Drifting into land of large fruit trees and lushish sprawling plains that end with mountains reaching into the sky scratching at the clouds as we drift. This is what you feel when listening to Nóra. These musical landscapes start sparse and gain more clarify as the songs progress. Well defined recordings with each instrument ringing out in its own defined space. If you are a fan of Stereo Lab or Belle and Sebastian; Give these guys from Iceland a listen and answer the question in the title, YES!

For more info visit: http://noramusic.is

The Rationales are an amazing band from Boston Mass. They are close to being able to finish their new album. Please read a letter they shared with us below. Any help you can provide, I am sure they will be appreciative. Vist their site for more even more info http://www.therationales.com

below from The Rationales

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