The Wrong Airport are an indie duo from Pittsburg , PA. Indie? Really? Did just we just use the word indie to describe a band. Crap. Let's just move on from that; please forgive us. The Wrong Airport have just realsed their newest album "Arrivals & Departures."

Emotional vocals mixed with digitized beats, and fuzzed out guitar; Oh and beatboxing, did I mention beatboxing? If you like the early Flaming Lips, you will like The Wrong Airport. The songs are very well written and I enjoy them all. I only wish some of the arrangements were mixed slightly more even. Lots of harmonies, bordering on out of tune but in that fantastic way, almost like Robert Smith from the Cure but with less eye liner and sulkiness.

With each song they build from basics to complexity. A stand out for me is the song "Strange How." Great beat, great vox. You can Can hear for yourself at You can also purchase a digital copy for "name your price." Pretty #@^%ing cool if you ask me.

A few days ago we ran a less then flattering review of the band "Seven Years Past." Go read that review if you have not already Today we received a response letter from the band. With the band's permission we have published the entirety of their response below. We feel it is our duty to give you both sides of the coin.

The Beantown Boozehounds formed in January 2007 with one goal in mind, to bring people together for great times they'll never forget. Anytime the Beantown Boozehounds are around, there's going to be a party. Their songs are straight up drinkin' class anthems.

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The Beantown Boozehounds formed in January 2007 with one goal in mind, to bring people together for great times they'll never forget. Anytime the Beantown Boozehounds are around, there's going to be a party. Their songs are straight up drinkin' class anthems.

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Dear Seven Years Past,

Thank you for contacting us about your band and your music.
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with a review as you requested. Although your music is well done, it is not anything that any of our reviewers enjoy. We feel it would be unfair to give your band a bad review based only on the genre of music. So instead we will not be doing a review of the music at all. Just because our writers feel that this music is the spawn of Satan and is all that is bad about music, it does not mean we should publicize that fact. We are sure that there are tons of people who will love this music, mostly people who have no souls. We hear stuff like this on the radio every day..... just not on our I-pod's. Your music will be enjoyed by tons of people, those people are not anyone who read our magazine.

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors,
The Editorial Staff

THUNDERBANG! is a three piece band from Queens, NY. Lots of bands try to be original and fail. They fail terribly. Thunerbang is original and they don't fail, they do it well. Amazingly unique lyrics combined with rich arrangements make each song a pleasure to listen to. Josh Thunder's vocals have a mysterious and eerie tonal quality to the delivery of each note and it makes you eagerly await the next phrase. Hints of ska, early punk, noise and jazz; It is evident that Thunderbang are not trying to conform to a certain categories of music, they are only concerned with creating good music. I look forward to hearing more from this band!

For more info on the band go to:

The Pistol Shot Gypsy's are a metal band from Providence, RI.
Do you like metal form the 80's? Not metal like Motor Head, the more polished friendly stuff from about 88/89 right before Nirvana. If you say yes, then you will LOVE This album. You might just run out and get their band name tattooed across your back. If you say you don't like the late 80's polished metal, you will want to hunt these guys down and punch them in the face, then go punch their moms and family. The musical ability heard in the songs is pretty fantastic. I would however like to see the Pistol Shot Gypsy's take their recordings and have them remixed. Everything just has too much reverb, making things sound muddled and distant. Hey, but if they want it to sound like the late 80's metal, they did it.

read and hear more at:

Fever Dreams

Fever Dreams is a solo lo-fi folk artist from the suburbs of Boston. We were given the opportunity to hear two advance tracks of an upcoming album. You can hear a Bob Dylan quality in some of the passages of the music. There is a generous amount of reverb of the vocal tracks and I can't decide if this was a brilliant idea or a choice made by an idiot. Maybe brilliant; brilliant. You can also hear hints of Donovan. Yeah, that "Mellow Yellow" guy and it is obvious that Fever Dreams is definitely influenced by the 1960's folk revival. Everything about the sound in minimal from almost out of tune guitars to tambourine percussion. This minimal approach will either turn you on or make you jab pencils in your rears; For me? I like it and no pencils are in my ears.

We had a chance to sit down with Dead Friends, a Psycho Punk Hardcore band from Boston. A great bunch of guys and a great band. You may recall we did a review of them not to long ago, (Click here to go read that) . In the review you learned about their music, below, you will learn about the guys.

Your band- What's the origin of the name Dead Friends?

Mark: Actually a friend of ours, Douglas Sherman, named us. I told him I was starting an edgy project and give him the lyrical premise, and Dead Friends is one of the first three names he came up with.

Your Band- Ok, good. I was afraid you killed a drifter or something. Can you tell me everyones name, and respective instrument of each band member.

Mark Doherty – lead vocals
Greg Moore – bass, vocals
Jose Morales - drums
Geno Johnston – guitars, vocals


on my level by tangent

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