Pub Rock from Mark Dantini, John Maloney, David Coughlan, Ted Collins, and Alan Durell.

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Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever see. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever hear. Their abilities in entertaining you with sight and sound is something that I wish every band tried to accomplish. Or, maybe I don't wish that; If every band was doing it then maybe these broken toys wouldn't seem so special. Walter Sickert & Edire, one of The Broken Toys, took the time to sit down with us and talk about some of their experiences, sights and sounds.

ROBBY ROADSTEAMER – This album syncs up to Toejam & Earl

Robby Roadsteamer is a Boston Scenester, a former WBCN DJ and a comedian extraordinaire. He’s got his own spin of what rock should be, kind of like Andy Kaufman had his own take on comedy. To some, this self produced, self made cd, is completely unlistenable. I can understand, this guy is out there. Way out there… but that’s what makes him so special. If you can stomach a little off key singing, there is some pretty brilliant stuff. I have no idea if this album syncs up with the Sega Genesis game of the same name, but after listening to some of these songs, I’d say Robby is just the kind of guy who is crazy enough to try it.

Review Forgetful Jones

FORGETFUL JONES – Sub-Atomic Philharmonic

My advice is to listen to this album loud and listen to it often. It’s really good. Its balls out, guitar infested, bass infused and slam-the-drum set rock and roll at its finest, and deserves no less than to be played at full volume for all to hear. These guys, Niles Tooher (bass) Matt Athanasiou (drums) and Jon Holland (guitar) have been playing together for nearly a decade, more recently bringing in stellar vocalist Kenyatta Savage to round out the sound. The band is so tight, playing off each other’s individual style and really has taken their brand of no nonsense, riff rock to the next level.

Review: Jimmy Ryan

JIMMY RYAN – Mandolin

This EP is about as bare bones as you can get. One man, one mandolin. Sure there is some over dub style layering here and there but overall its complete minimalism. Jimmy Ryan, one of the best mandolin players in the country, call Boston his home and is a regular in the Cambridge folk and Americana scene. As one of the top session players in town as well, Jimmy is often sitting in with other bands, however here he is alone and the sound is sparse, but quiet beautiful. His interpretation of the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” is alone worth the listen, but there are 6 other tunes on here equally praise worthy.



Born from the ashes of The Halogens, The Luxury came about from pedigree influences of both modern and classic British rock. The grandiose emotive highs of “Rockets and Wrecking Balls” and the fast driving “Seven Stories” are evidence that the band’s got some songwriting prowess many contemporaries lack. If Roddy Woomble (Idlewild) wrote for Primal Scream under the tutelage of Noel Gallagher of Oasis, it might sound half as good as this. I dug it and frontman Jason Dunn can sing like a mofo.

KRIS ROCHE – Anything But Alone

Smart vocals and smoothly layered keyboards and acoustic guitars sparkle on this 6 song CD like stars on a clear night. I feel like I’m a fly on the wall of a French Riviera dance club. The songs are light and refreshing like Jack Johnson with an edge but also very danceable; it’s hard to not let this music get you moving. Though every song on here is cleverly arranged and produced, my favorite track is tied between the epically optimistic “Big Fish” and the lively “Nothing But Shame.”

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We had a chance to sit down (virtually sit down) with head engineer of Mad Oak Studios in Allston Mass, Benny Grotto. During our interview we talked about Mad Oak Studios, The Beatles, his approach to recording, The Beatles, local music, and gear (like the Mellotron; made famous by that band the.. ummm.. Beatles...). If you are looking for a studio to record your next album, put Mad Oak Studios at the top of that list. Their world class gear combined with their world class talent behind the board will get your crappy band sounding really good, or at least less crappy. If you are not looking for a studio, keep reading, Benny Grotto has some insight into just about everything related to music and we hope we captured a small part of it in this interview.

Don't leave your guitar in the car!

A few tips on why you should not leave your guitar in the car. (click read more!!!)

This song was recorded live! Put on by Go-Local, Aug 12th 2010 - The Mill Brook Gallery- Concord NH. A family friendly evening of music in the sculpture garden at The Mill Brook Gallery. This is the 7th song of the night.

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