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Do you like punching yourself in the eye? Do you like slamming your fingers in car doors? Do you like eating spoiled food? No??? You don't? Really? Me either. Boy, we must have a lot in common. If we have this in common, I bet you will feel the same way about this album by Tōmn as I do. You'll feel "IT IS REMARKABLE MUSIC."

To grasp what this music is, think Leonard Cohen meets Herb Albert in a back alley and umm, well, kicks the crap out of him with a horn while Stereolab and Belle and Sebastian take bets on who will win. Some people will think I am insulting Tōmn by comparing him to Cohen and Albert; But others, like me, who have discovered the greatness of those two artists will realize I am praising Tōmn. If you understand this fact, we have even more in common and you will also love this album put forth by Tōmn.

Full horns, a landscape of sounds, great vocals and slow to fast songs. Soft subtle explosions of noise assault you around each corner. I can see this album shuffling around my I-pod for a few years. Some of the album is in another language, I think Portuguese? Maybe Spanish? I took three years of high school Spanish so I THINK the translation of all the songs loosely translate to "I like www.yourband.info and they like me." However, I am a little rusty on my Spanish, go listen for yourself.

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Artitst: Tony Savarino
Album Title: Guitaring
Naked Ear Records

Wait. What? What the hell is this. I mean seriously. I am not sure what to say but damn, I like it. As the title suggests, this is a instrumental album featuring the guitar. It ranges in style from jazz, to blues to country. This is exactly the type of album I want in my car on a cross country trip, or playing loud at my outside BBQ, or when I'm making sweet love to... well maybe not then, I would be paying too much attention to the music.

Tony is the front man but he is not selfish, he leaves room for the other musicians to shine. Unlike most guitarists that record an album of music, this record is not just a "hey listen to me play the guitar for an entire album over and over cause I am awesome." (I'm looking at you Santana!). Tony's technical prowess on his guitar is awe-inspiring but he does not let that get in the way of making great music; he uses his talent to serve the song and not show off (again, looking at you Carlos). The song "Freight Train" leaves no question that Tony has the chops not only on the side of his face but on the guitar too.

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The Dream Station
EP Review- This is Not the Desert
New York

The Dream Station are an alternative band from Brooklyn NYC. They have just released a three song EP called "This is Not the Desert." The album contains three songs and all the songs sound superb. It is really polished rock. It is much as the band name states, a dream. Don't listen to these guys expecting a proto punk band; The Dream Station are Mom friendly. They use clean guitar and bass tones backed with slightly gained rhythm. This clean attack is matched by the powerful lead vocal. Everything is amazing. If these guys were a type of soup, they would be homemade chicken noodle; not canned generic store brand tomato.

The only thing that really bugs me, besides lost socks, are that all The Dream Station songs repeat the verses. I wish they would write more amazing lyrics for the 2nd half of their songs to match the first half.

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Live Review of....
Boogie on Alice
Dually Finch
At Penuche's in Concord NH

The bar was packed. I am used to going to this place and being able to walk around and sit where ever I want but, not tonight. It was PACKED! I actually had to wait in line to use the little boys room... twice.

The night started off with Dually Finch. I have seen this band a few times and have grown to love their tunes. Tonight it is Scott Trottier of Dually Finch playing a solo acoustic set to open up for Boogie on Alice. As always I am not let down. The thing that is the most amazing about the performance is the vocals. Trottier effortlessly produces heartfelt passion in each phrase he delivers. His guitar playing is also great; he can pluck those strings with grace. At one point his hand is illuminated by a green overhead light and I am convinced he is holding the pick of destiny. He is joined on stage for one song by a guy named Nate playing the harp. (didn't get Nate's last name... or blood type). Nate's playing is a nice addition to the sound and helps to fill out the overall mix. I always enjoy Dually Finch and can't wait to catch them again with a full band.

Next up Boogie on Alice, but first, a pee break. Damn... a line... I'll just pee in the corner I guess....Ok, now I'm better. Let's see, two guitars(Matt and Dan), bass(Travis), drums(Mark) and two vocals. The first thing I take notice of are their pedal boards(well, the first thing I notice after Matt's corduroy pants). I see, boss tuners, volume pedal, loop station, wah, envelope filter (i think), Danelectro Hashbrown Flanger (again, a guess but it is purple... and a danelectro so I can only speculate) plus an array of other boxes of different shapes and sizes that are all connected to their guitars. They make good use of these tools during their set. Each guitar player takes turns weaving and bobbing their solos around each other in a sonic attack. The crowd is loving it and no one is left sitting in their chair but are all dancing; well, except that drunk guy at the corner of the bar that looks like he is either dead, dying or passed out. The bass player is not shy and does not reduce himself to playing just the root; he is all over the neck playing nice lines complimenting the dueling guitar solos. It is their first show with the drummer Mark(of Tapedeck, Go-Local and Captain Chet Lawson) this guy sucks ass. I mean, I am not sure who even let him up on the stage. Seriously, he is out of time, sloppy and at one point I consider spilling my beer on him... Oh wait... no.. that wasn't what happened... HE WAS AWESOME. You would have thought he had been playing with Boogie on Alice for years. It is not my first time seeing Boogie on Alice and I KNOW it will not be my last. Only, next time I might wear my brown corduroys.

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Dead Friends

Dead Friends


Dead Friends are a Psycho Punk Hardcore band from Boston. You can hear influences from early 80's metal to the Beastie Boys to Black Flag. I normally do not like hardcore music(hey, except Fugazi) but Dead Friends I like, I like them a lot. Benny Grotto of Mad Oak Studios recorded these tracks and the sound is incredible. You may recall in our interview with Benny Grotto he mentioned his first album; Black Flag "Damaged." You can hear that Benny used his knowledge of the sounds of that record to capture these amazing songs by Dead Friends.

But enough about Benny, we all already know he rocks, what about Dead Friends? They rock too. If you like Black Flag; you'll want to take a listen to these guys. If you like Phish; I bet Dead Friends will spit at your face.

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Pub Rock from Mark Dantini, John Maloney, David Coughlan, Ted Collins, and Alan Durell.

00:03:04 minutes (6.19 MB)

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever see. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever hear. Their abilities in entertaining you with sight and sound is something that I wish every band tried to accomplish. Or, maybe I don't wish that; If every band was doing it then maybe these broken toys wouldn't seem so special. Walter Sickert & Edire, one of The Broken Toys, took the time to sit down with us and talk about some of their experiences, sights and sounds.

ROBBY ROADSTEAMER – This album syncs up to Toejam & Earl

Robby Roadsteamer is a Boston Scenester, a former WBCN DJ and a comedian extraordinaire. He’s got his own spin of what rock should be, kind of like Andy Kaufman had his own take on comedy. To some, this self produced, self made cd, is completely unlistenable. I can understand, this guy is out there. Way out there… but that’s what makes him so special. If you can stomach a little off key singing, there is some pretty brilliant stuff. I have no idea if this album syncs up with the Sega Genesis game of the same name, but after listening to some of these songs, I’d say Robby is just the kind of guy who is crazy enough to try it.

Review Forgetful Jones

FORGETFUL JONES – Sub-Atomic Philharmonic

My advice is to listen to this album loud and listen to it often. It’s really good. Its balls out, guitar infested, bass infused and slam-the-drum set rock and roll at its finest, and deserves no less than to be played at full volume for all to hear. These guys, Niles Tooher (bass) Matt Athanasiou (drums) and Jon Holland (guitar) have been playing together for nearly a decade, more recently bringing in stellar vocalist Kenyatta Savage to round out the sound. The band is so tight, playing off each other’s individual style and really has taken their brand of no nonsense, riff rock to the next level.


Review: Jimmy Ryan

JIMMY RYAN – Mandolin

This EP is about as bare bones as you can get. One man, one mandolin. Sure there is some over dub style layering here and there but overall its complete minimalism. Jimmy Ryan, one of the best mandolin players in the country, call Boston his home and is a regular in the Cambridge folk and Americana scene. As one of the top session players in town as well, Jimmy is often sitting in with other bands, however here he is alone and the sound is sparse, but quiet beautiful. His interpretation of the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” is alone worth the listen, but there are 6 other tunes on here equally praise worthy.

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