Track #2 off our the EP entitled "3 Songs" released in October 2009. All songs off this EP are currently streaming here:

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The first track from our upcoming EP "The Blackout EP". Due out on October 1, 2010. All songs off this EP are currently streaming here:

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The title track to MaryBeth Maes' 10-song CD, "Just Like Me". A story about how she and her husband went to a casting call for a show at a local Cambridge venue, realizing how amazing female talents there are in the area. The CD can be purchased on CD baby at

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Interview with Three Day Threshold.

What's the name of your band?
Three Day Threshold

What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?

Cover (front)

Band: She Eats Planets
Website: Cover (front)

When the company brass at interrupted my chartered cruise of the Adriatic with an urgent request for a review of a band called She Eats Planets, I was upset. I had been stalking the Albanian coastline for months, in hot pursuit of an exclusive interview with original Mother’s Of Invention drummer, Jimmy Carl Black. I’d been chasing down a rumor that the mysterious percussionist, sometimes known as “Lonesome Cowboy Burt”, had been living in the area since having....

Music Review: John Kmetz
By:Christopher John FeterowskiCover (front)

The clouds rolled in and the deluge came. Soggy college kids, thirsty nine-to-fivers, and disappointed tourists splash and crash through the puddles to find shelter in one of the crowded bars that dot the Plymouth waterfront. I am sitting in my car smoking a cigarette before venturing out into the downpour.

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'Funny Money' by Tara White
from 'In Goddess We Trust"

Music: G. McKnight, B. Burke; Lyrics, B. Burke

Went to sleep ill a-brewin
Dreamt of moneybags tonight

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Tara White, 'Caving Us In'

from CD "In Goddess We Trust"

Music by: G. McKnight, B. Burke, A. Rejman, J. Grotleuschen; words by B. Burke.

00:03:12 minutes (2.98 MB)
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