Recorded at Thumbprint Studios Feb 6th 2010

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This is a live performance by Sam, Jon, Chris, and Peter.

Copyright 2010 Sam Anderson, all rights reserved

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Artist: Lynda DeFuria

Album title: Alive

Cover (front)

This album titled Alive by Lynda DeFuria is a five song EP released on July 18 2010. One thing that I want to point out right way; it was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA. This guy is amazing and I love everything I have seen his name attached to. This album included. If you are looking for mastering; check the guy out.

Ok, the

Alive by Lynda DeFuria

Music & Lyrics: Lynda DeFuria

Lynda DeFuria - vocals
Alex Wright - piano
Jon Ong- electric guitar
Kevin Luu - acoustic guitar
Kyle Hovland -bass
Russ Sternglass - drums

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Music & Lyrics: Lynda DeFuria

Lynda DeFuria - vocals
Alex Wright - piano
Jon Ong - electric guitar
Kevin Luu- acoustic guitar
Kyle Hovland - bass
Russ Sternglass - drums

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ok YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESES GUYs!!!!! HAVE TO... seriously

Dutch Indo-Rock. Sensational rock 'n' roll show. Live Dutch TV January 1960. With lead-guitarist, singer Andy Tielman, the uncrowned king of Indo-Rock.
Lineup: Andy Tielman (lead gt.), Reggy Tielman (2d lead gt.), Ponthon Tielman †(double bass) and Loulou Tielman †(drums).

Heart Felt and Life Changing

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Mine by Acrida

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