Undone by TESTER

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More by Ratchet

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Krysta Youngs: Review

Krysta Youngs
Web: myspace.com/krystayoungs

Everything that is wrong with music.

The music is GREAT, it is enjoyable. It is very pop... very pop. If you like pop, you will like this music. I don't particularly like pop. You will not find me listening to this artist. However, if you like Hannah Montana, Britney, ETC; You'll LOVE this album. The songs are wonderfully written and the musicianship is impeccable. Some of the songs even have those Rap breaks... You know what I mean.

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Shoot Me Up

lyrics to "Shoot Me Up"

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Lyrics to "Wolf Mothers (feed the family)
Wolf mothers, you don't take, your young ones, out on the hunt, Wolf fathers, all alone, with flesh and bones, to feed the family.
Eyes on the prize, to survive, keep your eyes on the prize, to feed the family.
Wolf mothers, you don't serve, with silver spoons, what you deserve, wolf fathers, you don't wait, for the kill, to lie down still.

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