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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

This show features

The Grebes
Pat and the Hats
Pleasure Gap
Laid To Dust
Mike Morris
The Mallett Brothers
Seth Wonkka

We also talk to Lucas Gallo of JamAntics

Click here to hear the show!!!

Click here to hear the show!!!

Click here to hear the show!!!

This is the sheet music you should give to every musician trying out for your band.

Guitars of the local musician- part one

Musicians are strange creatures. They each have their way of doing things and expressing their inner soul. No place is this more expressed than in what type of guitar they play (or maybe boxer/brief). The selection of a guitar can say a lot about a person. What type of music they play, where they have been, what is special to them, how good a kisser they are and their feeling on tone and expression. The guitar can tell you everything about a musician. We contacted a large cross section of local musicians to find out what type of instrument they play. We have their responses below. This is part one- part two to come.

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Groovechild - Review - new album coming

Over 20 years ago something incredible happened. A local band in New Hampshire called Groovechild released an album and it was magic. It sold 60,000 copies. That is unheard of. Incredible. Every review and every story about this band since then references this fact and I feel that I must mention it here. They almost did it. We hear this time and time again. Almost man, close but not close enough. A documentary of the NH seacoast music scene highlights the band’s journey in the 90’s. They almost made it big. Almost. They…. didn’t… quite…. do it.

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5 Quick and Easy Things You Should do to Support Local Music RIGHT NOW

Great White TouristLocal musicians need all the help, support and love they can get. The uphill battle to get anywhere in local music is debilitating. You can do these 5 small and quick things to help. You seriously have no excuse. To quote Nike- Just do it, I pitty the fool. I think Nike said that. Anyways do these 5 things right now!

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If you are going to be a guitar player; knowing these are things are a MUST! read part two! Stuff Every Guitar Player Should Know PART TWO

1. Play really fast solos- The more notes the better. Please do not concern yourself with good phrasing or timing or expression; only play the notes as fast as you can. The best place to practice these techniques is at the local music store. Ask to try out a guitar and amp, turn it up really loud and then proceed to play really really fast. I bet everyone in the store will stop and say; "Wow, he is really good, I wish I was him." The store employees will also want to become your friends. They won't be annoyed with you at all. The true musician only plays fast.

2. Turn up your amp- If you are in a band, you are in control. There is no reason you should be able to hear the bass, drums or any other instrument. You should be much more loud then everyone else. If during practice you can make out what the other musicians are playing and your amp is already at 10... buy a new, more powerful amp. It is also suggested that you turn down other amps when they are not looking. The other people in the band just don't know as much as you.

3. Learn the intros to popular songs such as crazy train. Stop playing when you reach the hard part with chords

4. Don't worry about playing in time; that's the drummer's department. Go crazy.

5. You have to make faces. Notice how all the good guitarists make weird faces, like either they are talking to themselves or making funny faces at an imaginary baby? You gotta do that. Stretching of the facial muscles will help your fingers move faster.

6. Hate everyone that plays better or faster than you with passion. Try everything to find mistakes in their playing so you can point them out.

7. Remember that there is no part in the song that would not be improved by your little improvisations. Stick in little riffs everywhere. If there is another instrument taking a solo, be sure to jump right in (on) and add all the amazing value that you know you can.

Art Thief- Review

Art Thief

Art Thief is a post alternative industrial art pop band from Vancouver BC. A mixing bowl of samples intelligently thrust together in a haphazardly perfect style. Passionate vocals that that bleed into your brain to take up residency asking you to listen again. Sometimes you think you hear Pink Floyd and other times you hear Manson. Neither is there. This is more enjoyment than others that came before. Perfect guys- just perfect.

Lion, Meet Lizard

Netherlands is where "Lion, Meet lizard" hail from .Their music is mostly instrumental and could be simply described as electronic and complexly described as peanut butter cob salad. When vocals appear they are digitized and robotized and chill your body. The music arrangements are very think and fill the stereo spectrum. Electronic music to relax to and feal. The flow and building of noise to music keeps your brain bouncing from beat to melody. Fantastically crafted. Fanatically loved.

We have been doing for 5 years now. In honor of this, we are starting a new column that we will periodically post called 5, 3, 1. We will share what we were talking about on the site 5 years, 3 years, and 1 year ago.

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Andy Laliotis to play with Boogie

Andy Laliotis of Lamont Smooth, Kitchen, Blue Light Rain, and Diamond Joe will be joining Boogie on Alice on stage for their show at Toad Hall in Franklin on October 10th 2015. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please do yourself a favor and write that date down. This show is going to be epic. Epic, Yes E-pic. That is one better than a D pic.

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