SOAK Review

Band: SOAK
Album: Turning Tomorrow

I am not a hippie. I shower. Most times I shower everyday. I don't dance in circles, I don't get high. I have even been known to brush my teeth. The question you must ask yourself is, are you a dirty hippie? The answer to this question will indicate if you will LOVE soak or like Soak. I am not a dirty hippie. I like Soak.

the rest of this review is in the voice of a dirty hippie.

I LOVE this band. The tone of the guitar reminds me of my favorite jam band.... but they don't seem to jam to long. I hear lots of 7th chords, awesome, cause it makes it sound like Jazz, and I am supose to like jazz.

Do the lyrics make sense? Hell no! I am high and I don't want them to make sense, it means that they are referring to a deeper plain of life then you could ever understand... either that or they are signing about nothing... who knows... who cares... I like it... HEY.. puff puff give man!!!!!

If you are not a hipppie, you will still enjoy this band, a lot, but you will not lift your ass off the bar to go dance.

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