Moral Rejection

Lets clear up a few things.

People are not celebrating that Sarah Sanders got kicked out of the restaurant this past weekend, this isn't what people want. What we are celebrating is that they are now being treated the way they want to treat everyone else

What did you think would happen when SCOTUS ruled bakeries could refuse to serve LGBTQ people on religious grounds? When Hobby Lobby wanted to deny women contraception? When Drs started saying they didn’t want to treat Trans people? All on “moral grounds”

The right thinks it has the sole ownership of morality. You’ve told everyone that the “left” is a bunch of amoral crazy people so long, you probably started to believe it yourself. It's not true. Our morals say treat ALL people with dignity regardless of who they are...

But that has been our weakness. We thought we needed to treat all of you with the same respect as we want to be treated. We gave you the idea that your rascist, homophobic, isolationist points of view were valid and we should listen.

What we failed to understand is that by listening, we validated you, we made you think those points of view were compatible with a civilized society. We thought maybe if we were reasonable, you would listen, you would ...change. We were wrong.

Now, every gay couple has to go into a bakery and ask if they are allowed to get a cake. Women are scrambling to try and find how to get birth control, Trans people have to wonder if they will be attacked for using a bathroom.

So, we aren't sorry if there is a new trend of the “left”, or moral Americans, standing up and saying we will not tolerate people who lock children in cages, dehumanize other members of society.

Now you have to wonder if you go into a business if you will be welcome. Yes, it is humiliating but it seems the only way to get people to realize when something is wrong, is to make them feel it themselves.

Welcome to the America that you fought for. Where we can refuse to acknowledge you on “moral grounds”. You did this. Your lack of empathy and dehumanization of others did this. Now, you can stick to your “morals” or you can help us fix it. Your choice

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