Don't leave your guitar in the car!

Don't leave your guitar in the car!

A few tips on why you should not leave your guitar in the car. (click read more!!!)

Here,for your consideration,a cautionary tale that (SPOILER ALERT) turns out just fine. This Washburn acoustic was left in the car trunk. It was hot enough to actually melt the nut and saddle of the guitar! The nut slots ended up flush with the fingerboard. This guitar owner is actually lucky. Usually this sort of damage is accompanied by cracks in the top or back and loose or cracked braces inside the guitar. Believe it or not he got off easy.

 Please,do not leave your guitar in your vehicle. A good rule of thumb to follow is,if you wouldn't leave you puppy there,don't leave your guitar. Vehicles can exceed temperatures of 150 degrees.

As for our Washburn,he got a brand new bone nut and saddle along with a new set of strings,and sounded even better than new!

Here's our new bone nut.

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Phil Clark
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Phil Clark is a professional guitar repair person in the West Phoenix/Glendale area of Arizona.

Looking and sounding much better!

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