Tony Savarino - Album Review

Artitst: Tony Savarino
Album Title: Guitaring
Naked Ear Records

Wait. What? What the hell is this. I mean seriously. I am not sure what to say but damn, I like it. As the title suggests, this is a instrumental album featuring the guitar. It ranges in style from jazz, to blues to country. This is exactly the type of album I want in my car on a cross country trip, or playing loud at my outside BBQ, or when I'm making sweet love to... well maybe not then, I would be paying too much attention to the music.

Tony is the front man but he is not selfish, he leaves room for the other musicians to shine. Unlike most guitarists that record an album of music, this record is not just a "hey listen to me play the guitar for an entire album over and over cause I am awesome." (I'm looking at you Santana!). Tony's technical prowess on his guitar is awe-inspiring but he does not let that get in the way of making great music; he uses his talent to serve the song and not show off (again, looking at you Carlos). The song "Freight Train" leaves no question that Tony has the chops not only on the side of his face but on the guitar too.

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