Tōmn- EP review

Tōmn by Tōmn

Do you like punching yourself in the eye? Do you like slamming your fingers in car doors? Do you like eating spoiled food? No??? You don't? Really? Me either. Boy, we must have a lot in common. If we have this in common, I bet you will feel the same way about this album by Tōmn as I do. You'll feel "IT IS REMARKABLE MUSIC."

To grasp what this music is, think Leonard Cohen meets Herb Albert in a back alley and umm, well, kicks the crap out of him with a horn while Stereolab and Belle and Sebastian take bets on who will win. Some people will think I am insulting Tōmn by comparing him to Cohen and Albert; But others, like me, who have discovered the greatness of those two artists will realize I am praising Tōmn. If you understand this fact, we have even more in common and you will also love this album put forth by Tōmn.

Full horns, a landscape of sounds, great vocals and slow to fast songs. Soft subtle explosions of noise assault you around each corner. I can see this album shuffling around my I-pod for a few years. Some of the album is in another language, I think Portuguese? Maybe Spanish? I took three years of high school Spanish so I THINK the translation of all the songs loosely translate to "I like www.yourband.info and they like me." However, I am a little rusty on my Spanish, go listen for yourself.

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