The Pistol Shot Gypsy's are a metal band from Providence, RI.
Do you like metal form the 80's? Not metal like Motor Head, the more polished friendly stuff from about 88/89 right before Nirvana. If you say yes, then you will LOVE This album. You might just run out and get their band name tattooed across your back. If you say you don't like the late 80's polished metal, you will want to hunt these guys down and punch them in the face, then go punch their moms and family. The musical ability heard in the songs is pretty fantastic. I would however like to see the Pistol Shot Gypsy's take their recordings and have them remixed. Everything just has too much reverb, making things sound muddled and distant. Hey, but if they want it to sound like the late 80's metal, they did it.

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