The Rationales Need Your Help!!!

The Rationales are an amazing band from Boston Mass. They are close to being able to finish their new album. Please read a letter they shared with us below. Any help you can provide, I am sure they will be appreciative. Vist their site for more even more info

below from The Rationales

As you've probably heard, The Rationales are currently using website called KickStarter in the hopes of raising the needed funds to finish our new record.

Many of you have already pledged support and pre-ordered the CD and we could not be more grateful and appreciative of you and your generosity. We got off to a great start and we thank you sincerely for getting us more than halfway to our goal. We really hope we can reach the goal and be able to share all of the rewards selected in the months to come.

Unfortunately though, there is starting to be some doubt that can become a reality. We still have to reach our total $5000 goal and we have less than 3 weeks to do it. Falling even a dollar short will make the whole thing go away, no money changes hands, no rewards go out, we get nothing: not the full amount, not the amount pledged thus far... nothing. And if that happens we are not sure how/when/if the new record will see the light of day.

So we are asking. If you haven't yet done so, please support the Rationales, by going today to and either ordering the new cd, or, if you are in a position to do so, by pledging for one of the other prize packs.

If you are planning on giving but have been "waiting to see how close we get" before jumping in, please realize that the sooner we get closer to our goal, the more others will be motivated to get involved as well, thereby helping the whole process along.

We have been working on these songs and the recording going back to late 2008, and we are SO confident in the songs, and SO happy with how the record sounds up to this point, that we didn't want to cut corners in the final stages. We're doing what we can to release a great record in a situation where there is very little other means of doing so. Rather then asking for loans or investments, Kickstarter allows us to sell the record and other prizes in advance. Even still, at the end of the day, we understand that what we are doing here is asking you, our friends, to help financially support our band, in what are tough times for everybody. We realize this and are SO appreciative of everyone who has given so far. To those considering giving, please know we don't ask lightly. We set this $5000 goal based on the minimum budget needed to finish and release the record and if we don't succeed, the release of the record, at least in the near future, will be in doubt.

Please head over to Kickstarter today and click "Back This Project", choose your level of support, and know that we won't soon forget it.

Over the coming three weeks we'll be posting new videos to our Kickstarter homepage - from live acoustic videos of new songs - to one of the actual rough mixes from the new record available to backers only. We hope you will take a moment, now, today, to do whatever you can and get involved. Every little bit helps.

Thank you, we really do appreciate it

Dave, Mike, Matt, & Sean

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