The Fairweathers - review

The Fairweathers- Is it punk, no.. Is it pop; god yes. It is. It is pop. no... is it pop? Maybe. yeah. Wait what? huh? I want to give you a hug. Come here, no really. All of The Fairweathers get your asses over here, come get a hug. This music makes me want to drive down the street with the music cranked and the top of the convertible down. If only I had a convertible as my "getaway car." The vocals are not crispy clean but that slightly heartfelt crunch of indie boys singing. Do yourself a favor, style your hair, grab your Chuck Taylors and meet me at the next Fairweathers show. With lines like "She's not the reason I wake up; She's the reason I take my first breath" These lads will have all the girls tossing their unmentionables towards the stage.

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