Hosta- Review

Are you quirky? No? Well stop reading right here. No really. Stop reading because you will not get anything out of this music. The band Hosta from Fayetteville, AR will make un-quirky people want to go kill small farm animals with blunt knifes and shovels. So seriously, un-quirky people stop reading this review and forget the band Hosta even occupies this Earth.

Me though, I'm quirky; I bet you are too. I mean, you MUST be quirky since you are still reading. Lots of noises are trumped out with a vocal of unprecedented uniqueness leading the way in the front. It's not techno but you can dance to it. Dick Clark would give it a negative five in danceability but Dick Clark can suck it. Wait, was that just the sound of a buzz saw? I hope so, cause that is awesome. I'm gonna go eat a candy bar and dance naked while listening to Hosta in the dark, locked in my bedroom.


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