Deterior - review

You know, metal, death metal, speed metal and music that is hard in nature gets a lot of grief from the mainstream media for corrupting our youth. People like Marilyn Mason get blamed for causing Columbine, and Judist Priest get blamed for another kids suicide. It is not their fault. These kids make their choices of destruction not based on the music they listen to. Call it predestined, upbringing, nurture/nature or whatever you want. BUT... Deterior, OMFG.... If they get blamed for a kid doing something terrible and horrific; it is well deserved. This music is so hard and black death that it will makes kids do anything (I think i even heard some backwards voices telling me to give myself to satan).

Ozzy once said, music doesn't have to be fast to rock and be hard. Or maybe it wasn't Ozzy, but who (&^ing cares. Ozzy was right and Deterior enroll to his school of rock. Their music is not death speed metal but it is HEAVY! If you don't like putting up the devils horns and slamming your head; pass this one by. If you know that sometimes you have too much metal for one hand; check these guys out.

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