Village On Yarn - Review

Guy: Hey what's up?
Girl: Nothing
Guy: What to go rent some movies?
Girl: Sure, something black and white.
Guy: In French with German Subtitles.
Girl: About a girl who wants to smoke a lot of cigarettes.
Guy: But can't because she is just too sad to light up.
Girl: Exactly. So she just sits around the house in a gold dress.
Guy: But she gets up and dances with herself...
Girl: Running around the house, but, it is not really a house, it is a large apartment with a train right outside.
Guy: Her lipstick is redder than red and her teeth whiter than white and it is slightly smudged.
Girl: Wait a sec, how are you going to know what color anything is. It is black and white.
Guy: I don't know. You can just tell. lets just go listen to Life is very long by Village On Yarn instead

Girl: what?
Guy: The band. The music sounds exactly like this movie.
Girl: Oh, sounds like it should be good.
Guy: It is.

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