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Black Strawberries

Have you ever listened to a CD and it was so bad that you found yourself bleeding from every possible hole on your body, yes I mean there too. It was just so bad you said to yourself “Hmm… why do I get the sudden feeling that stabbing this pencil in my eye would ease my pain?” No need to worry about that with the release “Black Strawberries” from Unbunny. This Album is magnificent. I also give it a non-blood loss guarantee.

You know that “guy” from high school? Everyone knew one. He showed up at all the parties with his guitar, sat during lunch playing tunes on the grass and always was playing in some sort of band? You always liked the sound of his songs but knew the radio would never play them. The radio wouldn’t play them not because they were bad songs but because radio is out of the loop. The radio would rather play the new soulless dribble from Brittany Spears. Only “guy”, you and your close friends could ever get his songs.

The songs that “guy” sang made sense to you. That “guy” had the same problems as you. That pretty much sums up the imagery of Unbunny. Unbunny is that “guy” a little older and his songs are more magical then they ever were during 4th period lunch. The guitar and voice dominate the landscape with sparse drums, trumpets and bass. His sound reminds me of that “guy”; Whimsically simple but great.

Unbunny’s songs seem effortless. The lyrics are simple but after a few spins of the record you find a deeper meaning.

“Referring to the wrinkled bus schedule you keep on your living room floor.
I noticed the last 43 left ten minutes ago.
As I made up my mind to make the long walk home.
Something reminds me of 1778”

Listening to this first line of the last song you can picture yourself in the same situation. Who has not been here? He touches on stories of your everyday life and makes you look at them as amazing. He could have said “I picked up the bus schedule off the floor.” Says the exact same thing. Still gives you an image of the action. Unbunny has a way of making it more real, like you are living the song

If you have no clue what “guy” I’m talking about, you missed out. Live the experience that most of us had by picking up and listening to “Black Strawberries.” Or if you want you can listen to the Hanson brothers Christmas Album, but if you do listen to Hanson, stock up on pencils and don’t blame me for the blood loss.

To see for yourself go to http://www.myspace.com/unbunny

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