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Who is the BEST local band!!!! Well, music is not a contest. Music is an art. HOWEVER, we do have people's favorite bands. We've gone out in the local music scene and asked a number of people to list for us their three favorite bands and tell us why. My suggestion to you is to check out these bands because they just might be great. But, ya know, they might suck too. Some people have really bad taste! We will be releasing more "suggested bands" a few at a time over the next few days! Here is our first batch!

This edition features the selections from Casey Desmond, Matthew Ghelli and Jonathan Lang.

Matthew Ghelli-

Matt plays the guitar and vocals for 'Boogie On Alice' Matt Ghelli of boogie on alice

Local Blend- Local Blend FacebookThey came out of nowhere, and before you know it you're wide-eyed and drooling over their odd timings and funky rhythms.

Kitchen-Kitchen's Facebook You can't help but to channel your inner-Lamonte with my favorite local project. The songwriting and general wizardry of Andy Laliotis is unmistakable, he's the definition of the Concord jam scene. Timmy Gray & Sealey aren't too shabby themselves, mind you.

Granite they're rough, raw, and virtually untested, and that's what i love. Considering the bassist didn't know how to play an instrument just a couple years ago, they really have flown out of the gates. Each show is better than the last, and it seems like they're finding their true voice.

Casey Desmond

(self) Desmond

They're persistent, hard working, touring maniacs with amazing songs. These guys live, eat, and rock the music scene like real champs, and ooze sexiness.
True professionals, and overall awesome guys. They're going to be huge stars. They're already recording with top producers, and are traveling with Warped Tour this summer.

Looks Realistic: These dudes are my favorite experimental band in Mass. On stage with an array of casios, circuit bent toys, and video game synthesizers, you can't take your ears or eyes off of them if you try. Their new album is an alluring combination of dreamy and strange. I have the pleasure of knowing a couple of the band members, and they're also extremely talented visual artists.

Magic Man: I don't know any members of this indie electronica band personally, but they certainly don't receive the praise they deserve. They were giving their album away for free on the Arcade Sound website, so I downloaded it and fell in love. Even though they're local, they fled to a studio on a farm in France to record. I watched them perform recently, and the singer screamed his heart out, while people were pushing their way into the sold out show.

Jonathan Lang

Guitarist and Vox for Unprofitable ServantsJohn Lang

My three favorite local bands. Well other then the Unprofitable Servants, which i consider to be the most fun for me probably because i am in the band. I am still impressed every time i see Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil Review They take some elements of rock and some elements of folk and bluegrass and mash them together into a sort of punk sensibility that keeps me intrigued. Seeing that i am completely tired with the ordinary, Chet and Co. keep it real and original which is all I ask for when I am on the receiving end of the stage.

The NH music scene is eclectic and from the folksy punkish music Chet provides I would have to say one of my other favorites is entirely not that. Top Shelf Habit always keeps a smile on my usually dour face when i get a chance to see them. They bring an element of grunge and metal to the stage without nicheing themselves into alienation. Plus watching a fat guy play guitar is always amusing (Mr Jones is gonna kill me for that).

For the third I am not sure why but i am still intrigued by Scott Trottier's music; Dually Finch has had some tremendous performances this year with the mix of country and garage rock that they bring to the stage. I personally think that Scott is going to be a songwriter to follow in the coming years...

In the next few days look for more suggestions from; Edrie (one of the broken toys, Benny Grotto (mad oak studios), Sean Murray (jakes and the jakes/ The Brooklyns), Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold) Michael Fornier(author; Hidden Wheel and The Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime (33 1/3)) and MORE!!!!!

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