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 band practice review
I've been working on a review for a band called "Band Practice" for a couple weeks now. Each time I start, I toss it out. So, instead of reviewing this band, I will provide you with the e-mail they sent to request their review. I think it says more about their music then I ever could.

Hi! How are you?

My name is XXXXX and I'm the drummer in a band. The name of the band is Band Practice. We recently came out with our debut EP, titled Band Practice! (the exclamation point is important). I heard you guys like to review music so I thought what the hell.

Band Practice was formed sometime last year in Springfield, Illinois as sort of a joke that became serious. Three of us are in our freshman year of college, and one of us is a senior in high school. We have a sort-of following in Springfield but it's mostly our friends so that doesn't really count. I'm hoping maybe we can find SOMEBODY on the internet who digs our stuff. Our recordings aren't perfect but hey. We're trying. And we love you.

If you choose to review us, please mention that our guitarist is really bad at 007 Goldeneye.

Here's the link:
 band practice review

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