The Vital Might - review

Yeah... I saw… I listened... They blew me away. If I were to say they are the best band to come out of Boston in a long time, I would not be lying and I would not be the first or last to say it.

The Vital Might write amazing songs. Mist of Crystals has the best melody of any song I have heard this year. I immediately fell in love with this song. The vocals, bass and drums are all done beautify. The build up to and during the chorus is long and graceful. At one point you think they are done building yet the building continues. It is like an unfinished painting, or the Burger King Whopper, they just keep adding to it. Each part is more luxurious then what came before.

The bass in Mist of Crystals progressively gets more active. Slowly adding more and more notes. The drums that are sometimes sparse to almost unheard at all, build up to a mass of cymbals, toms and snare. Overlaid harmonies start to appear, slowly at first, then in a blaze. More and more complexity gets added to the woven blanket.

Andy’s voice brings tears. It is perfect. The small vocal cracks occur in all the right places. He is not just singing the song but he is feeling it. A mistake lots of bands make is they don’t feel their tunes and they only sing the song. With Andy’s vocals you truly believe he has passion for what he is singing.

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