The Shady Janes - review

The Shady Janes - Silence and the Sway
The Shady Janes band music

As soon as the first song started playing I was very upset with this band. The Shady Janes? I hear male vocals. There are no females? No Jane's? Shady, Yes, shady indeed. I think what I shall do is hunt these guys down and get payback for their trickery. I won't do it right away, heck no. I want to hear the rest of their tunes first because maybe they will make up for their deceit.

Wait, wait one second; these guys rock. Vocals that hit you like a brick wall but then says sorry. Guitars that duel for dominance and then shout "I am not left handed" and bring on even more surprises of immensity. Harmonies that are sparse but when used are used perfectly. Drums that pound your door down and then leave you 20 bucks on your dresser. There are hints of the Cure, Barenaked Ladies and a taste of funk. The Shady Janes also tease a little metal. Each song builds to a crescendo of sound then cuts down to pure emotion. Maybe I will forgive them for making me think Jane was in the band.

So to sum up; their music has the greatness and power to make each and every person in the world better at life. They only need to listen to one song.

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