the Bathtub Sophist - review

The bathtub sophist Do you like dairy; specifically milk? Some people don't... Some people even are lactose intolerant and get violently ill if they run into a jug of milk in a back alley. I love milk. I once drank an entire gallon of milk in under 5 minutes(or closer to 5 days, but still that is pretty fast) Main Crop: Vol 1 by the Bathtub Sophist is like milk. Some people will love the Bathtub Sophist; others will get sick from the sound; and even others will want to cover him in chocolate sauce.

So, how are you the reader, going to determine if you are allergic to the cow tit juice that the Bathtub Sophist is selling. Well, i have devised a test. Close your eyes. CLOSE THEM. I understand it makes reading hard; deal with it.... anyways, eyes closed; lie down. Think of a day driving in the city. Cruising, looking for chicks, or admiring pretty buildings or tossing expensive cheeses at prostitutes(whatever floats your boat; I'm not here to mock your lifestyle choices). Now, what is playing on your stereo. Is it happy, instrumental, complex and layered?....and, did the song not sound like Free Fallin'...If so; go get this album... if not, screw you and your milk hating belly.

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