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Almanac is a new album released by the solo artist Courtney Naliboff.Courtney Naliboff music maine
You may recognize her name from the now defunct Boston based band Valhalla Kittens. She has since moved on and up to Maine, and this album is collection of tunes inspired by her new life in Maine.

Do you want to rock out with some freaking heavy metal while flashing the devil horns to the passersby's? Wanta listen to some satanic verses about fire and brimstone coming to destroy the earth???? Well, if you do, don't listen to this album. If you want to smile, skip, sing, hold hands, eat ice-cream, laugh, and give high fives.... Go get Almanac by Courtney Naliboff. Myself??? I love high fives; and this album.

Courtney most certainly has some pretty hefty pipes. This album is a showcase of her amazing vocal abilities. There are layers and layers of vocal harmonies. The instrument arrangements are extremely unusual and entertaining. The song "Bones" has a unique and masterfully done rhythm structure with what sounds like pots and pans. The best part about this album? You can download it for free. Yeah, free. No seriously. I am not F*#&ing with you. I wouldn't kid with you; you are my friend. Right? HIGH FIVE!!!

To download the album goto:

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