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radagun music band floridaI was playing Wii sports today. I love Wii sports, but you know.... it gives you that stupid sore elbow when you are done swinging your arms around like an idiot. It use to be that you got "Nintendo thumb," now you get "Wii sports elbow." What is my point? Well, my point is, that it is embarrassing. Try explaining to your boss why can't really do your job today.... or explain to you girlfriend why you just can't go out to the club tonight... It is not cool to say "Hey I have Wii sports elbow so I won't be able to make sweet love to you." It is not cool to admit you love a video game system. It is not cool for a hipster to admit you love the band Radagun (but I do, I love you Radagun).

Radagun (named after a type of font) are a married music duo from Florida and I love them just as much as I love playing with my Wii. yes, yes, yes you can giggle. I did say "playing with my Wii." Unfortunately they are also just as embarrassing to explain as "Wii elbow." I mean seriously; I want to hate this music! I hate poppy pop crap. However, Radagun gives me a smile in my ears. I don't know why but I want to take each one of them out to dinner and explain in great length why I think their music might have the power to cure cancer.

I was sitting listening to their new EP "We Just Woke Up" on repeat; dancing around my room; having a grand time... jumping on my bed; tossing pillows all about the room... screaming like a little girl, when......... all of a sudden my enjoyment overtook me and I fell from the bed onto my head. Pain, serious pain ran up and down my body. All I could think was; what are the paramedics going to think when they hear what I was listing to? They are going to think I have gone soft and that I love 'well written' and 'well played' pop punk.

My advice to you? Listen to Radagun because you will love their music. However, do it alone; in the dark; in your closet; with the door locked and tell no one. You'll thank me.

For more info goto: http://www.radagun.com/

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