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Girl On Top
Album Review-
Cherry Blossoms

The nature of most of the songs on this album is similar to an early punk style. Two of my favorite bands “The Fall” and “The Pretenders” keep coming to my mind as I listen. Raw vocal power backed by crunching guitar chords, rhythmic drumming, and an angry disposition. “Beat up myself,” yes indeed.

Then you hear the song Cherry Blossoms. Girl on Top has a happy song!!! I was all ready to go shave my head and get a tattoo on my face. Dance, love, and be merry. At no point during the song am I told to set fire to those freaking Cherry Blossoms, she tells me to smell the Cherry Blossoms. I had two handfuls of Cherry Blossoms expecting to be destroyed. I am totally confused.

Not confused in a troublesome way. Confused like when someone gives you a present, a gift that you were not expecting. You feel so special because by receiving this gift you realize that the other person cares. The other person wants you to be happy. Yet, what did I do to deserver this special present? I got nothing for you, I feel ashamed. You gave me astounding songs and here I am with no gift to give. I have an extra toaster oven?

However, “I get high.” I can only hope she is referring to climbing trees, mountains, or going up in an elevator. Songs about smoking always put me off. I am not sure why, but it always comes across as a comical topic. Poop jokes. Lowbrow. GG Allin needed to resort to crappy humor, Girl on Top doesn’t. I wish I could tell them to take “I get high” off the album or change the lyrics a little. I can’t though; my mind control only works on coffee mugs. Damn useless superpower.

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