5 Reasons To Have a Mix Off! Mixing Audio

5 Reasons To Have a Mix Off!mixing audio

If you’re wondering what a ’Mix Off’ is, you’re not alone! A great place to start is mixoff.org.

A Mix Off is an online event, where someone uploads the raw tracks for a song they’ve recorded. Others download the tracks, and do their own mixes, which they upload to the site to share and receive criticism.

So why participate in something like this?

1. Exposure. You’re going to have many people download your tracks, then spend several hours listening to your song. There are few ways to get someone to spend a lot of time with your music, but this is one. If your music is good, you might get a few fans.

2. Exposure Part 2. Once the tracks are uploaded, many more people will hear multiple mixes of your song. Many of these people won’t be mixing themselves, but they will have the opportunity to hear your song in many different lights. Anther great way to get new fans.

3. Your Own Chops. If you record yourself, there’s nothing like hearing what others can do with your songs. You might think you can’t get a good product without great gear. Upload your tracks and hear what others can do. You’ll be shocked at how good your stuff can sound.

4. Your Own Chops Part 2. If you record only yourself, downloading and mixing other people’s tracks is a great way to learn mixing. You can hear how others are doing things, and ask them what they did. And you can get feedback from other mixers about your own skills.

5. It’s a Great Promo for Your Fans. Once you start a mix-off, be sure to tell everyone you know to swing by and check it out. You’ll be giving your fans a little access to the process, and the opportunity to download and mix your tracks themselves, guaranteed to reinforce their affection for your music.

You can start a mixoff anywhere, whether on your own site, or an audio forum. http://www.Mixoff.org is one site dedicated to mix offs, and a great place to get started!

Author- John McKay is a recording engineer and musician, and the creator of mixoff.org

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