Sean Murray- Music Review

Sean Murray is Boston music royalty. Formally of the Jakes and The Jakes and currently of The Brooklyns, Murray is constantly working on producing, writing and playing some of the areas greatest music. He has just released two solo albums simply titled, Volume One and Volume two. The simplicity of the names gives a hint to the contents of the album. Each album is two songs long. Each album is free. Each album is stripped down. Stripped way down. I hope he wore pants….

The music is a far departure from what was released by Jake and The Jakes. Murray has gone down a back road of music and brushed up against Dylan and Kristofferson. You can hear the heartache and sorrow in each lyric sung. It is obvious that Murray is taking his lyrics from a deeply personal place and not just rhyming some meaningless words together. Here is hoping that Murray keeps going so we can hear volumes 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 very soon.

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