Review of Tab The Band

Band: Tab The Band
Album: Long Weekend

What ever you do do NOT confuse these guys with the soda. It says so right there in the band name. It shows they mean bussiness. TAB... The BAND. Do NOT get in the back to future agument with these mo' fo's. Or maybe that is not what they meant. Maybe it is a comand, Like, Make guitar tabs of this band.... or run a tab for the band at the bar. Personally I think they like Tab the unpopular soda... it doesn't matter though. So, you are welcome. I just wasted minutes of your life reading an explanation of a band name, but, when all is said and done; who gives a crap. The music is important, not the words used in a title. remember that, as you read this... the music is king, not my words.

Swing it baby. You can hear the roots of rockabilly in the tunes. Not in the "Big Bad Voodoo Daddies" way. No, they are not your 1940's swing but with tats. Picture more ACDC covering a Brian Setzer tune, a post Stray Cats tune... but with less sucking sounds. Almost like The Strokes but with a working mic.

I suggest picking up the album Long Weekend; it comes out sometimes soon... Do you want to know when? Look at the their website. I found the album a wonderful thing to listen to while vacuuming my house. I danced around with the music blaring, the vacuum sucking and the dog chasing my feet. I loved every tune, not a single one sucked like my vacuum.

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