Local Music Scene Fav's- Part Two!

A lot of exciting things are happing this summer in the NH music scene. We asked a few of our favorite local musicians to share with us what event they are most looking forward to. I suggest you go out and join them on these shows. Also, if you did not read Local Music Scence Favs part one, go do that!

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What event are you most looking forward to?


Steve McBrian-

Upright Bass in the Crunchy Western Boys:

Looking forward to playing Prescott Park in Portsmouth again this summer, Tweed River Music fest, Share Fest in PA., Go Local Music Camp-n-Jam, the Capt. Crunchy show should be fun...why? I like playing in front of bigger crowds, OUTDOORS!!!! AND we don't usually have to bring a PA to those things! Ok. To sum up: I'm lame AND lazy! ;-))


Jared Steer-

Bräsbe, Donkilo!, Ben Rudnick and Friends, others.

Granite State Music Festival. lots of excellent local acts followed by great national acts.


Travis MacEachern -

Bass player and fashion consultant for Boogie On Alice

Another tough question. Singing to myself in the shower? No. This summer is shaping up to be one for the books with many first time local festivals taking place, but the event I look forward to the most would have to be the Go Local Music Camp N' Jam put on by the wonderful Go Local crew. This will be my third year in a row attending/playing, and it hasn't once even hinted at letting me down (even with the pouring rain last year!). It is great to be able to walk around a very nice area sipping on a cold beer from one of the numerous kegs, all while knowing most of the people there (whether musicians themselves, or fans - both equally important). I'm a big fan of a drama free scene where everyone gets along grooving to excellent tunes, and this is what Go Local has proven to be year after year.


Mark Trottier-

Bass player for Capt Chet, drummer for various projects(Boogie 3, Tapedeck, etc..), founder of Go Local Music

There's a whole bunch this summer, but naturally, I'm bias toward Go Local's Camp-N-Jam 4 as well as the Rock-N-Roller Derby series we're doing at Everett Arena.


Carleton Page-

Carleton Page Guitar, mandolin, Banjo teacher at Strings and Things Music. Former member of Ron Noyes Band, Lamont Smooth, GCK ,and others.

I always look forward to Market Days, Thomas Point Bluegrass, and Lowell Folk Festival. Hardly local, but I also love Grey Fox Bluegrass Fest.(NY) I have high hopes for the Granite State Music Festival, and I am planning to go to some of Go Local's events.


Matthew "Avoid-Danger-At-All-Costs" Ghelli

- Guitarist for Boogie On Alice

Go-Local Camp & Jam. No other event offers such a warm friendly atmosphere for all. The variety of music and sense of community make it truly unique. Go-Local goes to great lengths to genuinely spoil both musicians & the fans alike with a professionalism that is so alien to the local music scene.


Andy Laliotis-

Kitchen, Lamont Smooth, and more

I'm really looking forward to Diamond Joe on 4/20. I love playing in Bicentennial Sq. Always a good vibe, just hoping for some nice weather.

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