Tristan Omand- Tour Journal- A quick update from the dusty trail…

A quick update from the dusty trail…

Well it’s been several days since I last wrote; mostly because of spotty interweb connections, and having to drive 6+ hours a day. I’ll try and give a quick filling-in of my whereabouts right now…

After Nashville, I hit up Sneaky Beans in Jackson MS, and played outside on the deck in some rather hot summer night air (yeah I know, it’s not officially summer…), and scored a place to crash after that at a sort of party house. I got to bed at 3:30 am, and was on the road again the next morning by 9 am.

I arrived in New Orleans around two o’clock on the 6th of June, which was three days ago now. After walking around the French Quarter and stopping for a couple of brews, I met up with my host, and the songwriter I was sharing the stage with that night, Natalie Mae. Check ‘er out!! She’s the real deal. We had some Po’ Boys, and then were on our way to the show, which went pretty well, on a laid back night. After the show we hit Frenchman street and I got to see all the cool haunts and music clubs that NOLA musicians frequent.

The next day, I was out the door around 11:30, and en route to Decatur AL, which ended up taking about 7 hours. I finally got to the Daily Brew, who has an open mike on Thursdays that I intended to play. It turned out to be a rather awesome night, and everyone was so nice, and very receptive to my tunes. I haven’t sold that many CD’s since my release show…I really needed it too! My wallet was hurtin’ by the time I got to Decatur. I crashed after the show at a 150 year old cabin! Whatta trip.

The next morning I left a thank-you note at the cabin, locked the door, and was off by about 9 am. After a breakfast at Waffle House, I was on my way towards Asheville NC. And I think I’ll leave it there for now, since it’s time for me to roll on once again…Onward to Richmond VA.
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