TESTER meets the phantom of the contest!

Please Please Please take a sec and go to http://www.TESTER13.com/ and vote for us to open for our hero's KISS!!!!


As true KISS fans we are when we found out about this contest we freaked. This video though it might be dramatized a little bit really does show our true response when finding out.... Please help by just taking a min to vote!! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts and beyond!

Just go to www.TESTER13.com or http://eventful.com/competitions/kiss... and Vote (demand) TESTER!!! USE zip code 06382

The top 5 bands with the most demands will be reviewed by KISS, and KISS will select the final winning band that will open up for them.
2. One demand per person per band.
Tell everyone you know to join in!
3. Each city's competition ends approximately two weeks before the concert takes place.
Band registration and fan voting for each city ends approximately 2 weeks before the city's concert date.

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