My First Rock Show

Back in 1973, Deep Purple was on the road promoting the "BURN" album and had made some personel changes, namely: Ian Gillan was replaced by David Coverdale and founder, Roger Glover was replaced by soprano and basist, Glenn Hughes. I had heard the Machine Head album the year before and was wild about this band. A lot of the older kids in my neighborhood said: It's not even Deep Purple (because Roger & Ian were out) but I'm glad I went! I was only 11 in 1973 and had to do a good job convincing my folks to let me go to the show with my best friend. After a lot of begging and a confirmation from an adult who the folks trusted to keep en eye on us, permission was granted.
At that age, I didn't use any mind altering substances but the concert alone was enough to blow a young impressionable mind, believe me! Savoy Brown warmed up and I think I might of copped a contact buzz from all the smoke. Deep Purple was amazing and loud as fuck! My ears rang for a week after that show! My eyes were opened that night and my life transformed. I've been persuing musical endeavors ever since.

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