Review: Tapedeck Live at the Mill Brook Gallery

Review: Tapedeck Live at the Mill Brook Gallerytapedeck

I find myself sitting in the middle of a big field, expensive sculptures surrounding the yard, 10 horses running by and Tapedeck on stage. This show is the last of the summer in a series of outdoor concerts at the Mill Brook Gallery in Concord NH put on by Go-Local. I am excited to see Tapedeck tonight as I hear Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild fame will be joining them on stage.

Opening for Tapedeck is Dually Finch. Or, well, one member of Dually Finch, Scott Trottier. A solo guitarist and vocals. I have seen Dually Finch as a full band and this stripped down version seems more intimate and soulful. Scott has one of the more interesting voices I have heard in a long time. By interesting I am not implying bad; I am implying GOOD. At points I hear John Meyer, at other points I hear an old blues singer gasping for his last breath as he puffs on the last tobacco bits stuck on the filter of a cigarette. Great set!

Tapedeck takes the stage and I notice something right away, well I notice a few things, but the first thing I notice is their drummer. WOW. It is hard for someone to come off as impressive on the drums. Normally they would need to do a 12 minute drum solo with triplet's over a 7/4 time signature. Their drummer, Mark Trottier, has a laid back approach without falling off time. It is organic. He also does not over play or under play and has no need to show off.

The music crosses from jazz fusion (think Medeski Martin and Woods) to indie rock. During their set they do an excellent cover of Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips. Their music is not like anything else being played in the area. They do their own thing and they do it well. I also love that the guitarist is playing a Tele. In my opinion this guitar is one of the best under appreciated instruments that people generally use. Most guitarist go for the SG, Les Paul, Strat or other variation. When I see a Tele in use I know the guitarist cares about his tone; and this case is no different.

In the middle of the set the part arrives that is the reason I am in attendance; Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild joins in on stage. Groovechild is a favorite band of mine but I have not seen them live for years. Their CD was stuck in my car for most of my high school and college career. Ok, not a CD but a tape; A pirated tape. Maybe I should have offered Jeff some money for the illegal music I listened to for so many years. Jeff, next time I see you I'll give you a blank check. In any event, They do a Grooveshild classic, Riverside, and it brings me back to my younger days. Scott from Dually Finch joins them on stage for this song and I think one of the three singers forgot some of the words, but who cares.

Everyone at the event had a fantastic time. You could see the joy and excitement in the eyes of everyone in attendance. If you get the chance to see Tapedeck live; don't miss it. I also highly recommend any event put on by Go-Local

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