Letter to the Concord Monitor

Hi Ray,

I read your article “The day the music died, we’re left with the sounds of silence” published in the June 21st 2016 Concord Monitor. As a member, avid supporter and promoter of the local music scene in Concord, I agree with some of your assessments and wholeheartedly disagree with other suggestions you make in your article. The Granite State Music Festival was never something that represented local music. It was simply a business venture that was poorly planned and ultimately failed.

The music is not dead. The music is not silent. The local music scene was never defined or lead by what happened behind Everett Arena at a music fest that was more concerned with promoting itself than the music it was exploiting. The music scene of the area is defined by the shows happening in Bicentennial Square, True Brew, Penuche’s, Go Local Camp n Jam, and numerous other events that dot the city. The music scene is defined by local radio shows like, Local Outbreak, Granite State of Mind and others that broadcast the tunes and interviews of local musicians over the air. The music scene is defined by one hundred different people like Mark Trottier, Lucas Gallo and Matt Porrier who tireless promote and put on shows each week without getting much of anything in the way of financial gain. The musicians are the subject of that definition; people like Andy Laliotis, Matt Ghelli, Glenn Moir, and Eric Ober, each of whom play so ferociously that they are the backbone of a plethora of local bands. It is also the bands, The Grebes, Ghost Dinner Band, Pat and the Hats, Boogie on Alice, People Skills, Laid To Dust, Badfellows, and The 1, 2, 3s. Each and every single one of these people and bands have a direct compliment on local music’s definition.

Local music’s passion cannot be killed by the demise of this festival as the heart lies within the scene and not within some business plan. Ten years from now we will not be asking about Granite State Music Festival, we will be asking about when are the Laloitis Brothers gonna bring back the local band Lamont Smooth. That is passion. That is heart.


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