Hornitz break up letter

I was hospitalized because of my band mate. He wouldn't agree, but neither would you if you put your band mate in the hospital.

Two weeks ago, Stoo took the Hornitz Rage Bus to get re-registered and inspected. On Wednesday the bus failed inspection. Stoo was to arrive on Thursday between 6am and 7am. Stoo had approximately 20 hours to tell me. He did not. When he arrived at 7:45am, he gave me the bad news. The loose ball joint made it dangerous to travel on the highway. We were late and with no notice, our options were limited. We made a quick decision to take two cars.

When fueling up our cars I told Stoo that I had very little money, and that he should stay with me on the drive. He sent me a text while I was in the gas station that read, "I'm going to get Starbucks". He left me immediately.

I'm not an angry person. Safety is important. Stoo was too tired to drive, so he slept in his car some time later. We were then farther apart.

It was a 10 hour drive at 95+°f with 90% humidity, and my car has no air conditioning. I had had no time to get a rental.
When I arrived in Virginia Beach I had severe sun poisoning, dehydration, a fever of over 102°f, and cellulitis in my right leg, in spite of my drinking gallons of water/pure coconut water.

Left untreated, cellulitis would have taken my leg. The longer I waited for treatment, the longer my hospital stay would have been, the more gigs I would miss, and the more damage my leg would accrue.

Stoo gave me some travel/band money, and I went to the hospital. I hoped that I had gotten the cellulitis early enough for the ER to give me oral meds, but I was too dehydrated, plus the fever, and I was admitted. Stoo asked how I was doing via text some time later. At that time my fever had broken and, due to intravenous fluids and antibiotics, I reported that I was feeling much better. That was the last time he asked how I was.
I wanted to play Opple Topple festival. I'm still truly upset that I missed it. The doctors told me that they wouldn't discharge me until I got more fluids/antibiotics, and they could give me an ultrasound to ensure that there was no blood clotting in my leg or groin.

I was released, due to my insistence, on friday night at 7:30pm, as having no a/c in the car would have made a daytime release quite dangerous. Immediately upon discharge from the hospital I drove from Virginia Beach to Newark where I got a hotel room, with two beds just in case Stoo wanted to crash. He had other plans.

On my drive to NJ Stoo texted that he had played the set by himself. I was upset, but he was as broke as I; he had to get paid...I understood. His reaction to my release from the hospital...didn't exist.

Stoo got to the bkny load in late, and never asked how I was. He was cold, curt, distant, and phoned in the performance.
The next night provided more of the same. I spoke to him once, he laughed at me, and paid me out at the end of the night.
The next day I drove to his home, we spoke, and decided to end the Hornitz project. I reminded him immediately that I own half of the Hornitz, and he was not to play Hornitz dates without me, and that if he did, I would sue him. We decided to take the next weekend off to clear our heads. There were nasty messages in both directions. He suggested that we "put our differences aside" and play the rest of our dates. I thought about it for days. What was to be gained? Income? Money is not why I do this. I love to perform. I love the smiling faces of new friends and old. I am living with my father, due to last winter's destruction of my home, so my living costs are low. Stoo has rent. The question ended up being, "Did I want to make music with someone who's actions proved that they didn't care about me so they could afford rent?" No. I did not. It took me 10 days. I wrote 8 drafts of the message to explain this. My response to his message, "Yo dude. Let's make beautiful music together this weekend.

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