Pat and The Hats- Who The Heck Are They????

Pat and The Hats- Who The Heck Are They????

Who the heck are Pat and The Hats!??!?! What I can tell you is that they rocked the Pleasant Stage at Camp and Jam V last week. They brought alternative-pop-rock to the stage and I loved it. Imagine if The Beatles met Elvis Costello and then Iggy Pop stopped by to play Monopoly. That is Pat and The Hats. I have one problem though… I have no clue who they are.

After their amazing set at camp N Jam, I did talk to the members of the band, congratulating them on a fine performance. I figured I would be able to find them on Facebook or whatever when I got home but I am having no luck. This is where you come in. I NEED TO FIND THIS BAND!!!! I want to see them again. I want to hear the melodic guitar solos tripped out with harsh ripping notes again! You should want to see them too. I wish I could tell you “hey, they are playing (insert bar here) next week”.. but I can’t because I just don’t know. HELP. Tell me where I can find out more information on Pat and the Hats. E-mail us at or post on our facebook wall ! once we find out who these gentlemen are, we will pass the info on to you!


Pat and The hats Mystery SOLVED!!!! Within 2 minutes of this story being posted Derek Astles of the Rippin E Brakes solved the mystery. You can find more about Pat and the Hats here:

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