Pat and The Hats- Album review

Pat and the Hats

Pats and The Hats recently released their new album "Fake it 'Till You Make a Hit" recorded at Rocking Horse Studios. It is the sophomore album release for lead singer, front man and song writer Patrik Gochez and the debut album for the band Pat and The Hats as a full band.

I have seen this band live more than most people and they are one my top favorite local bands. The release of this album was something I have been looking forward to for months. The expectation of a physical representation of the live power this band drips from the stage is something everyone would love to have on their IPod- CD player-phone ring back- cassette deck- Phonograph or wax cylinder.

I got my girly little monkey hands on one of their albums a full 2 days before their official release date. Running with the CD in hand, I got in my car, unwrapped the packaging and popped the CD into the car multi-disc player… wait no.. First I had to hit load- …

Me: Load…
Car:***Load CD***.
Me: Load CD 5-
Car:***Slot CD 5 Full***-
Me: Damn it- load 4-
Car:***Slot 4 full- Eject?***
Me: Yes,
Car:***eject- Moving to CD slot 4***
Me: What? Where is the CD?
Car: ***No CD in Slot 4***-****Load CD 4?
Me: Yes-
Car: ***CD in slot 4- ejecting CD- Load Error-
Me: Load slot 3?
Car: PC Load Letter
DAMN IT- Forget it- I will wait until I get home to listen.

I ride in silence with no music until I get home and run up the sidewalk to the front steps and into my living room. Placing the CD package on the counter next to my car keys, I go to remove the CD from the case- Empty. DAMN IT- I left the CD on the seat of the car. Back out the door, down the steps, to the car, open the door… open the car door…OPEN THE CAR DOOR. No I don’t, its locked. FML- I run BACK into the house, grab the keys, run back out… open the door and grab the CD. Run back to the front door- locked- oh shit- left the keys on the front seat of the car- run to the car…. Locked… DAMN IT- I am now locked out of my house and my car. I guess I will have to sit on the front steps and wait for my wife to get home… in 5 hours……

Finally I get to listen to this album.


<<<< Website error- Site Down_ the remainder of this article has been erased- To Load article hit 5#, put your left hand in and shake it all about.>>>

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