Pat and The Hats---- Review

Pat and The Hats

Where were you this past Saturday? If you were not at Penuche’s in Concord you missed probably the most exciting music event of the summer. The band, Pat and The Hats, played their first show at the Concord club. They blew the audience away. We might be talking about this band a lot lately but that is because YOU MUST SEE THEM!!! Most of the people in the bar had not seen this band before and I could hear the remarks “Who the hell are these guys cause they are amazing!” Pat and The hats bring a blend of the Beatles, Elvis Costello and Tony Clifton.

A powerful stage show and an ability to feel the crowd made the performance one for the books. The people filled the dance floor and danced and rubbed together in a big mass of body parts. Pat jumped from piano to guitar and back again providing almost two distinct bands. While on piano the band was quieter, more subtle and like a small stream of smoke leaving a cigarette. When Pat jumped back on guitar, the band became a blazing house fire; Powerfull and hot.

If you missed it, you can redeem yourself. Catch Pat and the Hats on the Bicentennial Square Home Grown Stage in Concord NH during Market Days. Pat and The Hats take the stage on Saturday at noon. Don’t just go to the Home Grown Stage for Pat and The Hats!!! You can see a bunch of other great local acts performing their tunes for free. See below for the schedule of events!!!!

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