Pat and The Hats- Live Review

Pat and The Hats- Live Review

pat and the hatsI like Pat and the Hats. Pat and The Hats I like. I like them cause they rock. I like them cause their singer doesn't squawk. They put on a great show. I’d even drive to see them live in dangerous snow. Their music makes people dance here and there. Their music creates happiness everywhere. Their show last night at Penuche’s was really great. I want their name on my license plate. If you have not seen them you are missing out. There is no need to cry and pout. Just catch them next time and you’ll be fine. Just listen to the above stupid review in rhyme.

Also there and being great was opener Rachel Vogelzang,.... ummm... What words rhyme with Vogelzang? Help us out; Comment below!

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