Purple Pit Jazz Club

The Purple Pit Jazz Club

Have you heard about the new club in Concord? Yeah, you heard me right, A NEW MUSIC CLUB. It is right in downtown Concord; The Purple Pit Jazz Club. As the name suggests the venue is focusing on Jazz music every Friday and Saturday night. Beginning April 4th you can also catch the areas best comedy on Thursday nights for their "Time to Laugh" comedy night! The Purple Pit is located in the old Pitchfork Records location on 3 Pleasant Street Extension.

There are a few things about this club that make it unique from any other music offering in the area. The most profound is that it is BYOB! Yep, you can bring in your own beer, wine, mixer or whatever and drink it right there. The catch? There isn’t one. You heard me right, bring your own beer. How awesome is that!!!! The cover ranges from 12 to 20 bucks depending on the night. But, ya know what? That can make for a cheaper night out. Let’s say you are a good looking guy and have a date this Saturday night. You want to impress her. I suggest; a dinner at Margarita’s followed by Jazz at the Purple Pit. Instead of paying 6 bucks each drink, you can spend $10 at the liquor store and have a supply of beer for the night(supply of beer for the month if you get PBR).

Not only is he Purple Pit Jazz Club providing the music for the night but they also have ice on hand ,cups, frozen mugs, and openers so you just need to bring your booze and they do the rest. On top of that they have some of the best cheese plates, pretzels, coffee, cookies and brownies on hand.

What impresses me most about this club is not even the club itself. It is the man behind the curtain. I had a chance to chat with one of the owners, Tom LeMieux. You can tell from Tom’s passion that he is looking to bring a bigger and brighter music scene to this town. A thriving music scene is something we here at Yourband.info are also passionate about. As we have said a number of times over the past year, Concord is the best place for music. Tom and his staff at the Purple Pit Jazz Club is one more piece of the puzzle that is making this town the go to place for great amazing music.

Find out more here: http://www.thepurplepit.com

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