Radio Bean-Live Review- May 5th 2012

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Radio Bean Live Review

Radio Bean is a cool little coffee shop/ bar in the downtown area of Burlington Vermont. It is a great place with lots of charm and live music. They have live music starting at 3 on Saturdays. We were able to get to Radio Bean on Saturday May 5th to catch some live music, drink some beers and see some sights. We highly suggest you check out this venue, unless you hate hipsters. If you hate hipsters, don’t go here. Since there were so many bands and solo artists playing, we will just write a few words on a few of the bands.


One thing to say…. Keytar. FUCK YEAH. Ok, one more thing to say, they played some 80’s Cop TV show theme. I don’t know what it was, but it was awesome and someone from the band needs to contact us and tell us what it was!!! more info at


prog metal. These guys were really tight and looked like they were having fun up there. It is unfortunate that most of the crowd was not impressed and left. A tragic booking mistake. These guys were really good, but not good for this room. It was a small room and they came in with a Marshall 4 by 12. More Info at

Justin Levinson-

Piano player who needs to learn how to get off stage. Great use of the piano and sounded good but needs to read this artcile; band etiquette. The next band, Pooloop had to wait for 20 minutes while this guy chatted to people instead of getting his piano offstage. It is about what you would expect from a pretentious Berkley Grad. More info at

Andrew Merzi-

A solo guitarist from Portsmouth NH. Amazing sounds and the most creative use of a mic stand I have ever seen. He used the base of the mic stand to pound out a bass drum part. I have seen artist accidently hit a mic and get a big boom, but never on purpose and never so sonically pleasing more info at

Captain Chet Lawson-

NH band playing some good quality alt-country. More info at

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