Rippin' E Brakes- Live Review- Market Days

Were you at Market Days this past weekend? I was. Were you there for the performance by the Rippin’ E Brakes in Bicentennial Square? I was. Were you blown away by the music? I was. Did Lucas Gallo and Eric Reingold make you cry because they pointed at you and snickered? Uummm no? uumm no- me either. OK- moving on. I have seen The Rippin’ E Brakes a number of times. I have always enjoyed their music but this show seriously blew my mind more than any of their past performances. I could not figure out what happened to this band. They were tight as hell and the music coming out of the speakers was spectacular.

I am in no way saying that this band sucked before their market days show. They have always been one of my favorite local bands. However, this show seriously made me wonder, that maybe wasn’t paying close enough attention before. Each song was perfectly crafted with the instruments not fighting for dominance but everyone blending perfectly. Raw rock mixed with alt pop-corn. They are the masters of "garage raock" . Yes, spelt like that, Raock and pronounced "rrrr - oowwwww- kaw!"

I asked front man, Derek Astles, what the F*()&% happened to the band. They now sounded like unicorns making out with mermaids while fighting off dragons with AK47’s. He explained…. “Practice.” Well folks, if that is all it takes to take a band from being just ONE of my favorite local bands to my FAVORITE local band, I have one piece of advice for you- Practice…. Oh- and ask a unicorn if they want to make out with you, cause unicorns are sexy.

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Elizabeth "Poke your eye out" Corliss

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To listen for yourself- here is their performance from that night:

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